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Price % Gainers

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary6.18 16:59Up 0.63 (11.35%)2,742,977Chart, Profile, More
SKO.NZSerko Limited Ordinary Shares0.99 16:40Up 0.08 (8.79%)95,000Chart, Profile, More
TIL.NZTrilogy International Limited O1.00 16:42Up 0.07 (7.53%)137,559Chart, More
EVO.NZEvolve Education Group Limited 1.04 16:19Up 0.04 (4.00%)178,227Chart, Profile, More
CAV.NZCavalier Corporation Limited Or0.35 16:24Up 0.01 (2.94%)32,174Chart, Profile, More
HLG.NZHallenstein Glasson Holdings Li3.84 16:14Up 0.10 (2.67%)21,622Chart, Profile, More
CVT.NZComvita Limited Ordinary Shares4.20 16:59Up 0.10 (2.44%)22,150Chart, Profile, More
CEN020.NZCEN 15/05/19 5.80% - Contact En4.50 14:27Up 0.10 (2.27%)63,000Chart, More
PPL.NZPumpkin Patch Limited Ordinary 0.27 16:15Up 0.01 (1.89%)1,210Chart, Profile, More
MPG.NZMetro Performance Glass Limited1.85 14:47Up 0.03 (1.65%)30,003Chart, Profile, More
GOV290.NZGOV 15/02/16 4.5% - New Zealand3.10 15:56Up 0.05 (1.64%)10,000Chart, More
GXH.NZGreen Cross Health Limited Ordi2.49 15:23Up 0.04 (1.63%)39,940Chart, More
PFI.NZProperty For Industry Limited O1.58 16:42Up 0.03 (1.61%)78,467Chart, Profile, More
KFL.NZKingfish Limited Ordinary Share1.39 16:59Up 0.02 (1.46%)44,300Chart, Profile, More
ANZ.NZAustralia and New Zealand Banki34.77 16:08Up 0.49 (1.43%)55,344Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp6.39 16:59Up 0.09 (1.43%)1,058,733Chart, Profile, More
PEB.NZPacific Edge Limited Ordinary S0.72 16:59Up 0.01 (1.41%)215,299Chart, Profile, More
VHP.NZVital Healthcare Property Trust1.68 16:59Up 0.02 (1.20%)70,125Chart, More
GMB010.NZGMB 19/06/15 7.75% - GMT Bond I4.30 10:51Up 0.05 (1.18%)10,000Chart, More
ASBPA.NZASB Capital Limited (NS) Prefer0.88 10:11Up 0.01 (1.15%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
TLS.NZTelstra Corporation Limited Ord6.70 12:30Up 0.07 (1.06%)106,743Chart, Profile, More
AUG.NZAugusta Capital Limited Ordinar1.00 15:39Up 0.01 (1.01%)8,500Chart, More
HBY.NZHellaby Holdings Limited Ordina3.02 16:59Up 0.03 (1.00%)29,048Chart, Profile, More
AIA120.NZAIA 13/12/19 4.73% - Auckland I4.07 15:19Up 0.04 (0.99%)30,000Chart, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares2.11 16:59Up 0.02 (0.96%)43,584Chart, Profile, More
WBC.NZWestpac Banking Corporation Ord35.24 16:40Up 0.32 (0.92%)78,013Chart, Profile, More
MHI.NZMichael Hill International Limi1.16 16:13Up 0.01 (0.87%)15,605Chart, Profile, More
MVN.NZMethven Limited Ordinary Shares1.17 16:35Up 0.01 (0.86%)171,150Chart, Profile, More
FNZ.NZSmartFONZ1.93 14:25Up 0.02 (0.84%)9,043,312Chart, Profile, More
KPG.NZKiwi Property Group Limited Ord1.25 16:59Up 0.01 (0.81%)1,045,251Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin2.75 16:59Up 0.02 (0.73%)5,254,439Chart, More
AMP.NZAMP Limited Ordinary Shares6.96 15:59Up 0.05 (0.72%)40,871Chart, Profile, More
FCG030.NZFCG 20/10/2021 4.33% - Fonterra4.41 15:20Up 0.03 (0.68%)427,000Chart, More
TNZ.NZSmartTENZ1.22 14:08Up 0.01 (0.66%)18,817Chart, Profile, More
SEK.NZSeeka Kiwifruit Industries Limi3.12 13:47Up 0.02 (0.65%)10,800Chart, Profile, More
VCT.NZVector Limited Ordinary Shares3.15 16:59Up 0.02 (0.64%)578,148Chart, Profile, More
EBO.NZEbos Group Limited Ordinary Sha9.91 16:59Up 0.06 (0.61%)103,740Chart, Profile, More
ASBPB.NZASB Capital No.2 Limited (NS) P0.84 16:02Up 0.01 (0.60%)225,653Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh15.99 16:59Up 0.09 (0.57%)49,063Chart, Profile, More
FCT.NZForeign & Colonial Investment T9.55 16:33Up 0.05 (0.53%)18,880Chart, Profile, More
IFT.NZInfratil Limited Ordinary Share3.24 16:59Up 0.02 (0.47%)460,512Chart, Profile, More
AKC070.NZAKC 25/03/24 5.806% - Auckland 4.32 11:28Up 0.02 (0.47%)366,000Chart, More
MZY.NZSmartMOZY5.38 14:26Up 0.02 (0.45%)5,576Chart, Profile, More
AIA.NZAuckland International Airport 4.78 16:59Up 0.02 (0.42%)587,464Chart, Profile, More
GTK.NZGentrack Group Limited Ordinary2.47 16:40Up 0.01 (0.41%)97,833Chart, Profile, More
FSF.NZFonterra Shareholders' Fund Uni4.96 16:59Up 0.02 (0.40%)391,386Chart, Profile, More
FBU.NZFletcher Building Limited Ordin8.56 16:59Up 0.03 (0.35%)596,399Chart, Profile, More
AIR.NZAir New Zealand Limited (NS) Or2.91 16:59Up 0.01 (0.34%)232,676Chart, Profile, More
AKC080.NZAKC 24/09/2020 4.017% Auckland 3.89 14:25Up 0.01 (0.26%)231,000Chart, More
FCG.NZFonterra Co-operative Group Lim4.96 16:59Up 0.01 (0.20%)174,791Chart, Profile, More
GOV400.NZGOV 15/03/19 5.00% - New Zealan3.16 13:46Up 0.01 (0.16%)25,000Chart, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh3.17 16:59Up 0.01 (0.16%)227,695Chart, Profile, More