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Price % Gainers

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GEO.NZGEOOP LIMITED NPV1.61 16:59Up 0.29 (21.97%)106,579Chart, More
GNE.NZGENESIS ENERGY LTD NPV PLACEMEN1.81 16:59Up 0.26 (16.77%)82,787,613Chart, More
RBC.NZRubicon Limited Ordinary Shares0.38 16:59Up 0.03 (8.57%)5,526Chart, Profile, More
DIL.NZDiligent Board Member Services 4.75 16:59Up 0.30 (6.74%)465,202Chart, Profile, More
MAD.NZEnergy Mad Limited Ordinary Sha0.34 16:59Up 0.02 (6.25%)5,000Chart, More
TUA.NZTurners Auctions Limited Ordina2.76 15:58Up 0.16 (6.15%)9,509Chart, Profile, More
MGL.NZMercer Group Limited Ordinary S0.20 12:58Up 0.01 (5.26%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
GLL.NZGuocoLeisure Limited Ordinary S0.93 16:15Up 0.04 (4.49%)303,998Chart, Profile, More
GXH.NZPHARMACYBRANDS1.20 16:59Up 0.05 (4.35%)25,867Chart, More
APN.NZAPN News & Media Limited Ordina0.73 12:22Up 0.03 (4.29%)13,760Chart, Profile, More
AWF.NZAWF Group Limited Ordinary Shar2.75 11:35Up 0.10 (3.77%)5,500Chart, Profile, More
XRO.NZXERO LIMITED NPV29.00 16:59Up 0.95 (3.39%)483,751Chart, Profile, More
DGL.NZDelegat's Group Limited Ordinar3.60 16:59Up 0.10 (2.86%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
FCS.NZF&C Global Smaller Companies PL16.60 14:25Up 0.44 (2.72%)3,135Chart, Profile, More
SPN.NZSouth Port New Zealand Limited 3.40 16:24Up 0.09 (2.72%)3,780Chart, Profile, More
TUR.NZTurners & Growers Limited Ordin1.95 16:59Up 0.05 (2.63%)18,500Chart, Profile, More
VCT050.NZVCT 15/10/14 7.80% Vector Limit4.40 12:18Up 0.10 (2.33%)10,000Chart, More
TCN490.NZTCN 22/03/16 7.04% - TCNZ Finan4.85 12:17Up 0.10 (2.11%)10,000Chart, More
PEB.NZPacific Edge Limited Ordinary S1.17 16:59Up 0.02 (1.74%)495,446Chart, Profile, More
MELCA.NZMERIDIAN ENERGY LIMITED NPV PPD1.18 16:59Up 0.02 (1.73%)6,173,711Chart, More
SKL.NZSkellerup Holdings Limited Ordi1.78 16:59Up 0.03 (1.71%)167,668Chart, Profile, More
TIL.NZTrilogy International Limited O0.61 10:46Up 0.01 (1.67%)5,500Chart, More
VIL.NZVeritas Investments Limited - O1.22 16:25Up 0.02 (1.67%)13,875Chart, More
WYN.NZWynyard Group Limited Ordinary 2.44 16:59Up 0.04 (1.67%)241,962Chart, More
BRM.NZBarramundi Limited Ordinary Sha0.62 14:58Up 0.01 (1.64%)65,281Chart, Profile, More
VCT.NZVector Limited Ordinary Shares2.49 16:59Up 0.04 (1.63%)725,572Chart, Profile, More
OIC.NZOpus International Consultants 1.96 14:14Up 0.03 (1.55%)33,000Chart, Profile, More
TPW110.NZTPW 15/09/19 6.75% - TrustPower6.65 15:51Up 0.10 (1.53%)13,000Chart, More
AIA.NZAUCKLAND INTL LTD NZ4.00 16:59Up 0.06 (1.52%)880,068Chart, Profile, More
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary5.58 16:59Up 0.08 (1.45%)812,534Chart, Profile, More
MLN.NZMarlin Global Limited Ordinary 0.80 15:05Up 0.01 (1.27%)161,949Chart, Profile, More
TPW.NZTrustPower Limited Ordinary Sha6.53 16:59Up 0.08 (1.24%)28,444Chart, Profile, More
AUG.NZAugusta Capital Limited Ordinar0.83 14:31Up 0.01 (1.22%)263,500Chart, More
GOV400.NZGOV 15/03/19 5.00% - New Zealan4.29 14:41Up 0.05 (1.18%)50,000Chart, More
MRP.NZMIGHTY RIVER POWER NPV2.21 16:59Up 0.03 (1.14%)1,048,738Chart, More
IFT.NZInfratil Limited Ordinary Share2.26 16:59Up 0.03 (1.12%)1,599,614Chart, Profile, More
KMD.NZKathmandu Holdings Limited Ordi3.79 16:59Up 0.04 (1.07%)135,148Chart, Profile, More
AKC050.NZAKC 29/09/2017 6.52% - Auckland4.75 13:39Up 0.05 (1.06%)43,000Chart, More
HBY.NZHellaby Holdings Limited Ordina3.06 16:24Up 0.03 (0.99%)52,830Chart, Profile, More
RBD.NZRestaurant Brands NZ Limited Or3.10 16:59Up 0.03 (0.98%)71,643Chart, Profile, More
TRP010.NZTRP 30/11/18 5.14 - Transpower 5.20 12:12Up 0.05 (0.97%)15,000Chart, More
SAN.NZSANFORD LTD ORD FGN4.40 15:03Up 0.04 (0.92%)68,625Chart, Profile, More
TLS.NZTelstra Corporation Limited Ord5.55 16:03Up 0.05 (0.91%)3,690Chart, Profile, More
BGR.NZBriscoe Group Limited Ordinary 2.43 14:59Up 0.02 (0.83%)8,794Chart, Profile, More
NPT.NZNPT Limited Ordinary Shares0.61 15:38Up 0.01 (0.83%)20,000Chart, More
SML.NZSYNLAIT MILK LTD NPV3.68 16:05Up 0.03 (0.82%)27,915Chart, More
ABA.NZAbano Healthcare Group Limited 6.40 16:59Up 0.05 (0.79%)3,498Chart, Profile, More
FCG010.NZFCG 10/03/15 7.75% - Fonterra C3.98 15:50Up 0.03 (0.76%)50,000Chart, More
HLG.NZHallenstein Glasson Holdings Li3.14 16:21Up 0.02 (0.64%)49,552Chart, Profile, More
WHS.NZThe Warehouse Group Limited Ord3.26 16:59Up 0.02 (0.62%)1,705,525Chart, Profile, More
OZY.NZSmartOZZY3.74 13:35Up 0.02 (0.54%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
SKC.NZSKYCITY Entertainment Group Lim4.01 16:59Up 0.02 (0.50%)1,663,573Chart, Profile, More
BFW.NZBurger Fuel Worldwide Limited O2.32 16:32Up 0.01 (0.43%)500Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh13.22 16:59Up 0.05 (0.38%)150,823Chart, Profile, More
VHP.NZVital Healthcare Property Trust1.34 16:59Up 0.01 (0.37%)57,993Chart, More
AMP.NZAMP Limited Ordinary Shares5.60 15:31Up 0.02 (0.36%)135,960Chart, Profile, More
DNZ.NZDNZ Property Fund Limited Ordin1.56 16:59Up 0.01 (0.32%)249,264Chart, More
WBC.NZWestpac Banking Corporation Ord37.82 16:59Up 0.12 (0.32%)111,958Chart, Profile, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh1.77 16:59Up 0.01 (0.28%)365,765Chart, More
GOV380.NZGOV 15/12/17 6.00% - New Zealan4.12 15:27Up 0.01 (0.24%)160,000Chart, More
MZY.NZSmartMOZY4.67 11:30Up 0.01 (0.21%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
AKC070.NZAKC 25/03/24 5.806% - Auckland 5.63 16:22Up 0.01 (0.18%)10,000Chart, More
SKT.NZSky Network Television Limited 6.28 16:59Up 0.01 (0.16%)693,141Chart, Profile, More
POT.NZPort of Tauranga Limited (NS) O14.20 16:59Up 0.02 (0.14%)135,662Chart, Profile, More