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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
SLG.NZSealegs Corporation Limited Ord0.12 12:04Up 0.01 (4.35%)65,000Chart, Profile, More
IFT180.NZIFT 15/11/18 6.85% - Infratil L4.40 10:42Up 0.15 (3.53%)50,000Chart, More
NZM.NZNZME Limited0.65 14:29Up 0.02 (3.17%)32,103Chart, Profile, More
WDT.NZWellington Drive Technologies L0.17 15:29Up 0.01 (3.09%)15,224Chart, Profile, More
ARV.NZArvida Group Limited Ordinary S1.35 17:00Up 0.04 (3.05%)95,810Chart, Profile, More
CAV.NZCavalier Corporation Limited Or0.75 13:00Up 0.02 (2.74%)10,950Chart, Profile, More
TGH.NZTegel Group Holdings Limited Or1.38 17:00Up 0.03 (2.22%)245,786Chart, Profile, More
OHE.NZOrion Health Group Limited Ordi2.02 17:00Up 0.04 (2.02%)40,475Chart, Profile, More
IFT220.NZIFT 15/06/2021 4.90% Infratil L5.45 14:15Up 0.10 (1.87%)50,000Chart, More
WIA040.NZWIA 05/08/2024 4.00% Wellington4.90 11:27Up 0.08 (1.66%)10,000Chart, More
KMD.NZKathmandu Holdings Limited Ordi1.90 17:00Up 0.03 (1.60%)166,042Chart, Profile, More
ASD.NZAustralian Dividend Index Trust1.66 12:14Up 0.02 (1.47%)9,413Chart, Profile, More
DGL.NZDelegat Group Limited Ordinary 5.78 13:50Up 0.08 (1.40%)12,600Chart, Profile, More
TNR.NZTurners Limited Ordinary Shares3.65 15:27Up 0.05 (1.39%)14,529Chart, Profile, More
ASBPB.NZASB Capital No.2 Limited (NS) P0.73 15:37Up 0.01 (1.39%)38,550Chart, Profile, More
ZEL020.NZZEL 15/08/18 7.25 - Z Energy Lt3.85 13:57Up 0.05 (1.32%)10,000Chart, More
TIL.NZTrilogy International Limited O3.14 15:21Up 0.04 (1.29%)238,000Chart, Profile, More
IFT.NZInfratil Limited Ordinary Share2.90 17:00Up 0.03 (1.05%)693,057Chart, Profile, More
AUG.NZAugusta Capital Limited Ordinar0.98 12:22Up 0.01 (1.03%)6,495Chart, Profile, More
ABB030.NZABB 15/06/2024 6.65% - ASB Bank4.95 14:57Up 0.05 (1.02%)10,000Chart, More
NZP010.NZNZP 15/11/39 6.35% - New Zealan5.20 15:17Up 0.05 (0.97%)40,000Chart, More
AFI.NZAustralian Foundation Investmen6.30 13:07Up 0.06 (0.96%)5,375Chart, Profile, More
TLT.NZTilt Renewables Limited Ordinar2.10 17:00Up 0.02 (0.96%)69,305Chart, Profile, More
GMT.NZGoodman Property Trust Ordinary1.23 17:00Up 0.01 (0.82%)165,290Chart, Profile, More
NZO.NZNew Zealand Oil & Gas Limited O0.64 17:00Up 0.01 (0.79%)58,336Chart, Profile, More
MVN.NZMethven Limited Ordinary Shares1.30 14:14Up 0.01 (0.78%)23,000Chart, Profile, More
KFL.NZKingfish Limited1.36 13:15Up 0.01 (0.74%)37,543Chart, Profile, More
VHP.NZVital Healthcare Property Trust2.08 17:00Up 0.02 (0.73%)90,114Chart, Profile, More
TEM.NZTempleton Emerging Markets Inve10.47 17:00Up 0.07 (0.67%)1,854Chart, Profile, More
HBL.NZHeartland Bank Limited Ordinary1.52 17:00Up 0.01 (0.66%)94,866Chart, Profile, More
SUM.NZSummerset Group Holdings Limite4.71 17:00Up 0.03 (0.64%)307,727Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh21.57 17:00Up 0.13 (0.61%)59,578Chart, Profile, More
DIV.NZNew Zealand Dividend Index Trus1.11 10:00Up 0.01 (0.54%)42,000Chart, Profile, More
POT.NZPort of Tauranga Ltd (NS) Ordin3.97 17:00Up 0.02 (0.51%)84,201Chart, Profile, More
ASBPA.NZASB Capital Limited (NS) Prefer0.81 14:03Up 0.00 (0.50%)32,119Chart, Profile, More
FSF.NZFonterra Shareholders' Fund Uni6.21 17:00Up 0.03 (0.49%)250,105Chart, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary2.18 17:00Up 0.01 (0.46%)396,488Chart, Profile, More
FRE.NZFreightways Limited Ordinary Sh6.83 16:11Up 0.03 (0.44%)93,641Chart, Profile, More
ATM.NZThe a2 Milk Company Limited Ord2.31 17:00Up 0.01 (0.43%)2,325,563Chart, Profile, More
STU.NZSteel & Tube Holdings Limited O2.39 17:00Up 0.01 (0.42%)68,496Chart, Profile, More
PCT.NZPrecinct Properties New Zealand1.24 17:00Up 0.01 (0.40%)1,184,861Chart, Profile, More
FCG.NZFonterra Co-operative Group Lim6.21 17:00Up 0.02 (0.32%)132,301Chart, Profile, More
PFI.NZProperty For Industry Limited O1.62 17:00Up 0.01 (0.31%)334,101Chart, Profile, More
GBF.NZGlobal Bond Fund (NS) Units3.10 11:17Up 0.01 (0.29%)5,808Chart, Profile, More
SCL.NZScales Corporation Limited Ordi3.51 17:00Up 0.01 (0.29%)263,031Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin3.53 17:00Up 0.01 (0.28%)1,963,287Chart, Profile, More
HBY.NZHellaby Holdings Limited Ordina3.59 17:00Up 0.01 (0.28%)19,603Chart, Profile, More
XRO.NZXero Limited Ordinary Shares18.50 17:00Up 0.05 (0.27%)18,414Chart, Profile, More
NZB.NZNew Zealand Bond Trust (NS) Uni2.99 11:19Up 0.01 (0.27%)4,006Chart, Profile, More
USF.NZThe US 500 Trust (NS) Units5.89 16:44Up 0.01 (0.24%)1,700Chart, Profile, More
FNZ.NZNZ Top 50 Fund (NS) Units2.14 17:00Up 0.01 (0.23%)48,583Chart, Profile, More
BNZ090.NZBNZ 17/12/2025 5.314% Bank of N5.26 14:47Up 0.01 (0.19%)54,000Chart, More
NPF.NZNew Zealand Property Trust (NS)1.06 16:13Up 0.00 (0.19%)391Chart, Profile, More
TNZ.NZNZ Top 10 Fund (NS) Units1.39 14:16Up 0.00 (0.14%)9,007Chart, Profile, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh4.06 17:00Up 0.01 (0.12%)269,383Chart, Profile, More
TWF.NZThe Total World Trust (NS) Unit1.77 10:28Up 0.00 (0.11%)66,337Chart, Profile, More