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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PLX.NZPlexure Group Limited Ordinary 0.23 14:32Up 0.04 (17.95%)7,958Chart, Profile, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares0.81 17:00Up 0.04 (5.19%)123,224Chart, Profile, More
OHE.NZOrion Health Group Limited Ordi1.73 17:00Up 0.08 (4.85%)908,629Chart, Profile, More
ATM.NZThe a2 Milk Company Limited Ord2.44 17:00Up 0.08 (3.39%)4,378,597Chart, Profile, More
AMP.NZAMP Limited Ordinary Shares5.00 15:41Up 0.15 (3.09%)13,019Chart, Profile, More
GMB030.NZGMB 23/06/2022 5.00% GMT Bond I4.50 16:03Up 0.13 (2.97%)102,000Chart, More
CDI.NZCDL Investments New Zealand Lim0.72 14:05Up 0.02 (2.86%)23,837Chart, Profile, More
SKT.NZSky Network Television Limited 4.80 17:00Up 0.13 (2.78%)1,400,155Chart, Profile, More
STU.NZSteel & Tube Holdings Limited O2.24 17:00Up 0.06 (2.75%)221,644Chart, Profile, More
GTK.NZGentrack Group Limited Ordinary3.60 17:00Up 0.09 (2.59%)72,366Chart, Profile, More
SKC.NZSKYCITY Entertainment Group Lim3.97 17:00Up 0.10 (2.58%)4,053,964Chart, Profile, More
FBI110.NZFBI 15/03/18 7.15% Fletcher Bui4.00 10:59Up 0.10 (2.56%)3,500Chart, More
OGC.NZOceanaGold Corporation (NS) Ord4.13 17:00Up 0.10 (2.48%)80,970Chart, Profile, More
KPG010.NZKPG 20/08/21 6.15% - Kiwi Prope4.40 10:59Up 0.10 (2.33%)2,000Chart, More
TLT.NZTilt Renewables Limited Ordinar1.85 17:00Up 0.04 (2.21%)54,103Chart, Profile, More
ANZ.NZAustralia and New Zealand Banki30.65 17:00Up 0.57 (1.89%)95,266Chart, Profile, More
MZY.NZAustralian Mid Cap Fund (NS) Un5.69 15:05Up 0.10 (1.70%)1,451Chart, Profile, More
ZEL.NZZ Energy Limited Ordinary Share7.24 17:00Up 0.12 (1.69%)1,236,882Chart, Profile, More
AIR.NZAir New Zealand Limited (NS) Or2.17 17:00Up 0.04 (1.64%)1,836,546Chart, Profile, More
ANB110.NZANB 22/03/2021 4.00% ANZ Bank N3.80 15:21Up 0.06 (1.60%)60,000Chart, More
GXH.NZGreen Cross Health Limited Ordi2.55 14:25Up 0.04 (1.59%)45,565Chart, Profile, More
WBC.NZWestpac Banking Corporation Ord33.39 17:00Up 0.52 (1.58%)19,933Chart, Profile, More
EBO.NZEbos Group Limited Ordinary Sha16.46 17:00Up 0.24 (1.48%)50,377Chart, Profile, More
MEL.NZMeridian Energy Limited (NS) Or2.60 17:00Up 0.04 (1.36%)493,404Chart, Profile, More
WIA030.NZWIA 12/05/23 4.25% Wellington I4.46 15:14Up 0.06 (1.36%)20,000Chart, More
PPH.NZPushpay Holdings Ltd Ordinary S1.50 16:25Up 0.02 (1.35%)101,665Chart, Profile, More
TGH.NZTegel Group Holdings Limited Or1.58 16:13Up 0.02 (1.28%)258,672Chart, Profile, More
LGF060.NZLGF 15/04/2027 4.50% - NZ Local4.07 15:51Up 0.05 (1.24%)17,000Chart, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary2.10 17:00Up 0.03 (1.20%)719,893Chart, Profile, More
FRE.NZFreightways Limited Ordinary Sh6.83 17:00Up 0.08 (1.19%)80,257Chart, Profile, More
NPF.NZNew Zealand Property Trust (NS)1.05 12:24Up 0.01 (1.16%)108,096Chart, Profile, More
AIR020.NZAIR 28/10/2022 4.25% - Air New 4.50 16:22Up 0.05 (1.12%)50,000Chart, More
IFT090.NZIFT 15/02/20 8.5% - Infratil Li4.55 15:58Up 0.05 (1.11%)75,000Chart, More
LGF040.NZLGF 15/05/2021 6.00% - NZ Local3.21 15:13Up 0.04 (1.10%)17,000Chart, More
PGW.NZPGG Wrightson Limited Ordinary 0.48 17:00Up 0.01 (1.06%)247,727Chart, Profile, More
FBU.NZFletcher Building Limited Ordin10.55 17:00Up 0.11 (1.05%)2,141,433Chart, Profile, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina8.48 17:00Up 0.08 (0.95%)644,516Chart, Profile, More
ASR.NZAustralian Resources Index Trus3.61 12:21Up 0.03 (0.92%)12,500Chart, Profile, More
SUM.NZSummerset Group Holdings Limite4.64 17:00Up 0.04 (0.87%)88,344Chart, Profile, More
NZK.NZ1.18 17:00Up 0.01 (0.85%)263,470Chart, Profile, More
TNR.NZTurners Limited Ordinary Shares3.55 17:00Up 0.03 (0.85%)26,500Chart, Profile, More
PCT.NZPrecinct Properties New Zealand1.19 17:00Up 0.01 (0.85%)376,093Chart, Profile, More
XRO.NZXero Limited Ordinary Shares17.64 17:00Up 0.14 (0.80%)51,381Chart, Profile, More
TLS.NZTelstra Corporation Limited Ord5.17 15:55Up 0.04 (0.78%)22,368Chart, Profile, More
VHP.NZVital Healthcare Property Trust2.03 17:00Up 0.02 (0.74%)199,973Chart, Profile, More
HBL.NZHeartland Bank Limited Ordinary1.54 17:00Up 0.01 (0.65%)754,913Chart, Profile, More
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary4.70 17:00Up 0.03 (0.64%)619,695Chart, Profile, More
LGF050.NZLGF 15/04/2023 5.50% - NZ Local3.57 15:11Up 0.02 (0.56%)289,000Chart, More
USF.NZThe US 500 Trust (NS) Units5.77 11:28Up 0.03 (0.56%)900Chart, Profile, More
FCT.NZForeign & Colonial Investment T9.05 09:59Up 0.05 (0.56%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
KMD.NZKathmandu Holdings Limited Ordi1.90 17:00Up 0.01 (0.53%)45,162Chart, Profile, More
MPG.NZMetro Performance Glass Limited1.98 17:00Up 0.01 (0.51%)37,564Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp8.25 17:00Up 0.04 (0.49%)918,361Chart, Profile, More
CEN030.NZCEN 15/11/2021 4.40% Bonds4.30 14:39Up 0.02 (0.47%)42,000Chart, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh3.86 17:00Up 0.02 (0.39%)450,281Chart, Profile, More
DIV.NZNew Zealand Dividend Index Trus1.09 14:32Up 0.00 (0.37%)9,200Chart, Profile, More
MDZ.NZNZ Mid Cap Fund (NS) Units3.88 14:44Up 0.01 (0.36%)5,857Chart, Profile, More
HBY.NZHellaby Holdings Limited Ordina3.46 10:55Up 0.01 (0.29%)3,837Chart, Profile, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary4.87 17:00Up 0.01 (0.21%)742,522Chart, Profile, More
TEM.NZTempleton Emerging Markets Inve10.02 12:05Up 0.02 (0.20%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
RBD.NZRestaurant Brands NZ Limited Or5.15 17:00Up 0.01 (0.19%)96,941Chart, Profile, More
MCY.NZMercury NZ Limited Ordinary Sha2.97 17:00Up 0.01 (0.17%)497,892Chart, Profile, More