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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
CGF.NZCooks Global Foods Limited Ordi0.12 13:04Down 0.01 (7.69%)100,000Chart, More
ZEL010.NZZEL 15/10/16 7.35 - Z Energy Lt4.50 13:04Down 0.20 (4.26%)10,000Chart, More
GMB010.NZGMB 19/06/15 7.75% - GMT Bond I4.12 13:04Down 0.18 (4.19%)9,000Chart, More
SML.NZSynlait Milk Limited (NS) Ordin2.69 13:04Down 0.10 (3.58%)96,325Chart, Profile, More
CEN020.NZCEN 15/05/19 5.80% - Contact En4.36 13:04Down 0.14 (3.11%)44,000Chart, More
SPF490.NZSPF 22/03/16 7.04% - Spark Fina3.72 13:04Down 0.11 (2.87%)25,000Chart, More
RAK.NZRakon Limited Ordinary Shares0.35 13:04Down 0.01 (2.78%)16,400Chart, Profile, More
BFW.NZBurger Fuel Worldwide Limited O2.78 13:04Down 0.07 (2.46%)900Chart, Profile, More
VGL.NZVista Group International Limit4.80 13:04Down 0.10 (2.04%)12,732Chart, Profile, More
NZO.NZNew Zealand Oil & Gas Limited O0.58 13:04Down 0.01 (1.69%)175,809Chart, Profile, More
GXH.NZGreen Cross Health Limited Ordi2.45 13:04Down 0.04 (1.61%)5,000Chart, More
VHP.NZVital Healthcare Property Trust1.66 13:04Down 0.02 (1.19%)16,289Chart, More
THL.NZTourism Holdings Limited Ordina1.70 13:04Down 0.02 (1.16%)10,988Chart, Profile, More
SPN.NZSouth Port New Zealand Limited 4.60 13:04Down 0.05 (1.08%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
RBD.NZRestaurant Brands NZ Limited Or4.25 13:04Down 0.04 (0.93%)7,759Chart, Profile, More
SKC.NZSKYCITY Entertainment Group Lim4.34 13:04Down 0.05 (1.14%)845,928Chart, Profile, More
NZX.NZNZX Limited Ordinary Shares1.13 13:04Down 0.01 (0.88%)45,374Chart, Profile, More
MHI.NZMichael Hill International Limi1.15 13:04Down 0.01 (0.86%)16,500Chart, Profile, More
GMT.NZGoodman Property Trust Ordinary1.16 13:04Down 0.01 (0.85%)113,728Chart, Profile, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary1.88 13:04Down 0.02 (0.79%)157,697Chart, Profile, More
HNZ.NZHeartland New Zealand Limited O1.29 13:04Down 0.01 (0.77%)301,245Chart, Profile, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary3.89 13:05Down 0.02 (0.51%)123,104Chart, Profile, More
MRP.NZMighty River Power Limited Ordi2.85 13:04Down 0.03 (0.87%)643,808Chart, Profile, More
WBC.NZWestpac Banking Corporation Ord35.01 13:05Down 0.23 (0.65%)38,888Chart, Profile, More
CNU.NZChorus Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh3.15 13:04Down 0.02 (0.63%)371,688Chart, Profile, More
MPG.NZMetro Performance Glass Limited1.84 13:04Down 0.01 (0.54%)51,904Chart, Profile, More
TEN.NZTenon Limited Ordinary Shares1.99 13:04Down 0.01 (0.50%)4,652Chart, Profile, More
ANZ.NZAustralia and New Zealand Banki34.60 13:04Down 0.17 (0.49%)31,466Chart, Profile, More
MZY.NZSmartMOZY5.36 13:04Down 0.03 (0.46%)2,584Chart, Profile, More
PCT.NZPrecinct Properties New Zealand1.10 13:04Down 0.02 (1.35%)249,351Chart, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina7.81 13:04Down 0.02 (0.26%)291,024Chart, Profile, More
TPW.NZTrustpower Limited Ordinary Sha7.89 13:04Down 0.03 (0.38%)8,192Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin2.74 13:04Down 0.01 (0.36%)1,099,892Chart, More
HBY.NZHellaby Holdings Limited Ordina3.01 13:04Down 0.01 (0.33%)48,982Chart, Profile, More
FNZ.NZSmartFONZ1.92 13:04Down 0.01 (0.31%)7,774Chart, Profile, More
HFL.NZHenderson Far East Income Limit7.10 13:04Down 0.02 (0.28%)3,125Chart, Profile, More
TEM.NZTempleton Emerging Markets Inve11.65 13:04Down 0.03 (0.26%)3,976Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh15.91 13:04Down 0.08 (0.50%)8,903Chart, Profile, More
CVT.NZComvita Limited Ordinary Shares4.19 13:04Down 0.01 (0.24%)3,850Chart, Profile, More
OHE.NZOrion Health Group Limited Ordi4.83 13:04Down 0.02 (0.41%)3,250Chart, Profile, More
IFT190.NZIFT 15/06/22 6.85% - Infratil L5.68 13:04Down 0.01 (0.18%)7,000Chart, More
FRE.NZFreightways Limited Ordinary Sh6.20 13:04 0.00 (0.00%)29,112Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp6.36 13:04Down 0.03 (0.47%)391,014Chart, Profile, More
EBO.NZEbos Group Limited Ordinary Sha9.90 13:04Down 0.01 (0.10%)10,113Chart, Profile, More