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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
FBI100.NZFBI 15/03/17 7.50% Fletcher Bui4.30 16:47Down 0.30 (6.52%)109,500Chart, More
FBI140.NZFBI 15/03/2020 5.80% Fletcher B4.50 16:47Down 0.19 (4.05%)89,500Chart, More
OIC.NZOpus International Consultants 1.18 16:57Down 0.04 (3.28%)23,200Chart, Profile, More
FLI.NZFliway Group Limited Ordinary S1.05 16:47Down 0.03 (2.78%)29,801Chart, Profile, More
TWR.NZTower Limited Ordinary Shares1.94 16:52Down 0.06 (2.76%)55,542Chart, Profile, More
MRP.NZMighty River Power Limited Ordi2.42 16:55Down 0.07 (2.61%)1,184,178Chart, Profile, More
CVT.NZComvita Limited Ordinary Shares6.60 16:54Down 0.14 (2.08%)4,400Chart, Profile, More
MRP010.NZMRP 11/07/44 6.9% - Mighty Rive4.75 16:47Down 0.10 (2.06%)25,000Chart, More
NZX.NZNZX Limited Ordinary Shares0.97 16:47Down 0.01 (1.02%)148,695Chart, Profile, More
PEB.NZPacific Edge Limited Ordinary S0.49 16:47Down 0.01 (2.00%)123,301Chart, Profile, More
AIA.NZAuckland International Airport 4.89 16:55Down 0.11 (2.20%)453,284Chart, Profile, More
FRE.NZFreightways Limited Ordinary Sh5.61 16:52Down 0.11 (1.92%)33,491Chart, Profile, More
CEN.NZContact Energy Limited Ordinary4.76 16:55Down 0.10 (2.06%)3,008,862Chart, Profile, More
USF.NZThe US 500 Trust (NS) Units5.60 16:47Down 0.09 (1.62%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
AIA080.NZAIA 15/11/16 8.00% - Auckland I3.10 16:47Down 0.05 (1.59%)12,000Chart, More
TLS.NZTelstra Corporation Limited Ord6.16 16:49Down 0.09 (1.44%)13,100Chart, Profile, More
APA.NZThe Asia Pacific Trust (NS) Uni1.74 16:47Down 0.03 (1.41%)6,597Chart, Profile, More
ATM.NZThe a2 Milk Company Limited Ord0.71 16:52Down 0.01 (1.39%)12,533Chart, Profile, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary3.66 16:52Down 0.05 (1.35%)195,869Chart, Profile, More
RBO010.NZRBO 10/06/2020 4.592% Rabobank 3.85 16:47Down 0.05 (1.28%)100,000Chart, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin3.00 16:55Down 0.04 (1.32%)1,845,851Chart, More
GMB030.NZGMB 23/06/2022 5.00% GMT Bond I4.30 16:47Down 0.05 (1.15%)40,000Chart, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary1.80 16:54Down 0.02 (1.10%)267,564Chart, Profile, More
ABB030.NZABB 15/06/2024 6.65% - ASB Bank4.55 16:47Down 0.05 (1.09%)161,000Chart, More
NZP010.NZNZP 15/11/39 6.35% - New Zealan4.90 16:47Down 0.05 (1.01%)220,000Chart, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina7.18 16:55Down 0.06 (0.83%)104,253Chart, Profile, More
ANB090.NZANB 18/09/2017 4.89% ANZ Bank N3.15 16:47Down 0.03 (0.94%)40,000Chart, More
NPT.NZNPT Limited Ordinary Shares0.61 16:47Down 0.01 (0.82%)30,407Chart, More
ASBPA.NZASB Capital Limited (NS) Prefer0.88 16:47Down 0.01 (0.79%)50,100Chart, Profile, More
RBD.NZRestaurant Brands NZ Limited Or3.93 16:56Down 0.07 (1.75%)25,510Chart, Profile, More
USM.NZThe US Mid Cap Trust (NS) Units3.72 16:47Down 0.03 (0.72%)1,327Chart, Profile, More
VCT070.NZVCT 15/06/17 7.0% Vector Limite4.17 16:47Down 0.03 (0.71%)100,000Chart, More
PFI.NZProperty For Industry Limited O1.51 16:47Down 0.01 (0.66%)118,334Chart, Profile, More
NPX.NZNuplex Industries Limited Ordin4.07 16:52Down 0.02 (0.49%)109,210Chart, Profile, More
AWF.NZAWF Madison Group Limited Ordin2.16 16:47Down 0.01 (0.46%)6,761Chart, Profile, More
GMT.NZGoodman Property Trust Ordinary1.18 16:52 0.00 (0.00%)877,864Chart, Profile, More
KPG.NZKiwi Property Group Limited Ord1.30 16:54Down 0.01 (0.38%)220,895Chart, Profile, More
POT.NZPort of Tauranga Limited (NS) O16.69 16:56Down 0.06 (0.36%)6,305Chart, Profile, More
ANZ.NZAustralia and New Zealand Banki30.08 16:50Down 0.11 (0.36%)24,445Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh15.15 16:57Down 0.05 (0.33%)6,582Chart, Profile, More
MDZ.NZSmartMIDZ3.40 16:54Down 0.01 (0.32%)14,460Chart, Profile, More
VCT.NZVector Limited Ordinary Shares3.21 16:57Down 0.01 (0.31%)48,084Chart, Profile, More
HLG.NZHallenstein Glasson Holdings Li3.49 16:47Down 0.01 (0.29%)37,770Chart, Profile, More
AKC070.NZAKC 25/03/24 5.806% - Auckland 3.80 16:47Down 0.01 (0.26%)149,000Chart, More
MEL.NZMeridian Energy Limited (NS) Or2.12 16:55Down 0.01 (0.24%)1,108,057Chart, Profile, More
DIV.NZNew Zealand Dividend Index Trus0.95 16:47Down 0.00 (0.21%)15,800Chart, Profile, More
DGL.NZDelegat Group Limited Ordinary 4.79 16:47Down 0.01 (0.21%)7,082Chart, Profile, More
FPH.NZFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp7.16 16:56Down 0.02 (0.28%)388,106Chart, Profile, More
TPW.NZTrustpower Limited Ordinary Sha7.38 16:57Down 0.01 (0.14%)44,177Chart, Profile, More