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New Zealand & AU
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Price % Losers

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
RBC.NZRubicon Limited Ordinary Shares0.23 10:46Down 0.01 (4.17%)161,121Chart, Profile, More
TIL.NZTrilogy International Limited O4.31 12:46Down 0.20 (4.43%)16,600Chart, Profile, More
BNZ100.NZBNZ 18/06/2020 4.426% Bank Of N3.15 11:07Down 0.10 (3.08%)49,000Chart, More
WYN.NZWynyard Group Limited Ordinary 0.59 10:03Down 0.01 (1.67%)49,500Chart, Profile, More
ATM.NZThe a2 Milk Company Limited Ord1.93 12:48Down 0.03 (1.53%)787,165Chart, Profile, More
CDI.NZCDL Investments New Zealand Lim0.67 10:05Down 0.01 (1.47%)36,184Chart, Profile, More
CVT.NZComvita Limited Ordinary Shares10.25 12:39Down 0.10 (0.97%)32,683Chart, Profile, More
FCG030.NZFCG 20/10/2021 4.33% - Fonterra3.52 09:58Down 0.05 (1.40%)20,000Chart, More
SLI.NZSLI Systems Limited Ordinary Sh0.79 10:00Down 0.01 (1.25%)7,000Chart, Profile, More
GNE.NZGenesis Energy Limited Ordinary2.21 12:26Down 0.03 (1.12%)129,611Chart, Profile, More
NZO.NZNew Zealand Oil & Gas Limited O0.46 10:47Down 0.01 (1.09%)38,822Chart, Profile, More
VGL.NZVista Group International Limit6.15 11:59Down 0.06 (0.97%)27,819Chart, Profile, More
TME.NZTrade Me Group Limited Ordinary5.19 12:05Down 0.05 (0.95%)355,332Chart, Profile, More
TCL.NZThe City of London Investment T7.38 12:22Down 0.07 (0.94%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
GMB030.NZGMB 23/06/2022 5.00% GMT Bond I3.72 09:13Down 0.03 (0.80%)30,000Chart, More
AFI.NZAustralian Foundation Investmen6.25 12:12Down 0.05 (0.79%)11,027Chart, Profile, More
TEN.NZTenon Limited Ordinary Shares2.55 11:26Down 0.02 (0.78%)5,355Chart, Profile, More
POT.NZPort of Tauranga Limited (NS) O19.55 12:22Down 0.15 (0.76%)5,096Chart, Profile, More
RYM.NZRyman Healthcare Limited Ordina9.66 12:51Down 0.08 (0.82%)38,713Chart, Profile, More
MEL.NZMeridian Energy Limited (NS) Or2.78 12:40Down 0.03 (0.89%)244,659Chart, Profile, More
SPK.NZSpark New Zealand Limited Ordin3.90 12:44Down 0.03 (0.64%)363,730Chart, Profile, More
IFT.NZInfratil Limited Ordinary Share3.35 12:38Down 0.02 (0.45%)45,100Chart, Profile, More
VCT.NZVector Limited Ordinary Shares3.41 11:40Down 0.02 (0.58%)164,261Chart, Profile, More
WIA020.NZWIA 15/05/21 6.25% - Wellington3.53 10:51Down 0.02 (0.56%)3,000,000Chart, More
SCT.NZScott Technology Limited Ordina1.90 11:03Down 0.01 (0.52%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
TNZ.NZSmartTENZ1.51 11:12Down 0.01 (0.46%)7,596Chart, Profile, More
STU.NZSteel & Tube Holdings Limited O2.22 12:39Down 0.01 (0.45%)26,789Chart, Profile, More
ARG.NZArgosy Property Limited Ordinar1.16 12:31Down 0.01 (0.43%)179,137Chart, Profile, More
TNR.NZTurners Limited Ordinary Shares3.05 10:14Down 0.01 (0.33%)16,038Chart, Profile, More
FRE.NZFreightways Limited Ordinary Sh6.78 11:11Down 0.02 (0.29%)4,217Chart, Profile, More
SKC.NZSKYCITY Entertainment Group Lim4.97 12:42 0.00 (0.00%)223,945Chart, Profile, More
SKT.NZSky Network Television Limited 4.97 12:30Down 0.01 (0.20%)132,717Chart, Profile, More
TEM.NZTempleton Emerging Markets Inve10.20 12:30Down 0.02 (0.20%)2,255Chart, Profile, More
MRP.NZMighty River Power Limited Ordi3.06 12:50Down 0.01 (0.16%)57,401Chart, Profile, More
MFT.NZMainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh17.00 12:09Down 0.02 (0.12%)3,449Chart, Profile, More
BNZ090.NZBNZ 17/12/2025 5.314% Bank of N4.94 11:57Down 0.01 (0.10%)71,000Chart, More