1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton Drinks 8 Bottles of Liquor a Week, 'Putting Herself in Grave Danger'

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1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton Drinks 8 Bottles of Liquor a Week, 'Putting Herself in Grave Danger'

Between Tammy Slaton's eating habits, lack of exercise and her worrisome new interest in drinking excessively, her doctor is concerned she's "putting herself in grave danger."

On the season finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Slaton's bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, stops by for a visit to check on how she's doing.

In this exclusive clip, the 35-year-old says she's been "battling mental health" and depression "big time."

"Is it worse when you're by yourself versus when people are here?" Smith asks her.

"By myself," she says. "That's why I kinda felt like I needed to just take a break and not think about diets, relationships. Just clear my mind. Just work on me."

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Slaton says that she's been blowing off steam by partying — "Drinking, smoking. I started vaping."

Tammy 1000lb Sisters
Tammy 1000lb Sisters

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Smith then asks her just how much she's drinking, and is visibly shocked by the answer.

"Maybe eight bottles a week," she says, smiling.

"Like fifths of liquor? Oh wow, Tammy. That's a lot."

Smith says he's seriously worried about her drinking.

"Tammy's doing a lot of partying, which raises a concern for me," he says. "That alone is putting her in severe danger."

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Smith adds that he wants Slaton to work on her depression, but doesn't believe this is the right way to do it.

"She says she's focusing on her mental health, which if that was true, I'm all about that. But she's not made any strides to actually do it," he says. "So I'm a little concerned that she's actually just using that as an excuse to buy her more time to not work on her activity level, making some changes in her diet, or anything further than that."

The season finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs Monday, Jan. 30 at 10 p.m. ET.