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6 Black Nail Art Designs to Wear All Winter Long

It's all about black manicures this season.

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

If you're looking to switch up your nail game this season, why not try something a little different?

Black nails are a stylish and sophisticated way to add some glam to your look. When it comes to general fanciness and getting dressed up, a little black dress is a good go-to, some might call it a glam standard — and celebrity manicurist, Rachel Messick, says she likes to extend this concept to black nail art. “Black is both bold and subtle, with endless art opportunities to complete your holiday party ensemble."

Whether you're looking for something edgy and daring or subtle and chic, there's a black nail art design that will fit your style. From matte and glossy finishes to minimalist lines and statement-making art. We asked Messick and celebrity manicurist, Julie Kandalec, to share some of their favorite black nail art designs 𑁋 so you'll have plenty of inspiration to make your fingers look their best this winter.


Ombré Black Sparkle



If you’re someone who likes your nails to look cute but can’t be bothered with the frequent trips to the salon, opt for this black ombré design with a flashy glitter sparkle. “This sparkly black nail design will make regrowth look practically unnoticeable,” says Messick.

“To create this look, grab a makeup sponge and dip with a black polish, like Licorice by Essie. Dab the polish onto the nail 𑁋 starting at the free-edge (tip) and gradually fading as you get to the center. Repeat until the desired opacity is reached, then paint a clear coat of top coat. While the nail is wet, sprinkle a bit of silver reflective glitter on top, seal it in with another top coat to finish the look.”

Matte Outline



For this look, Kandalec says she added the matte outline to lean into a cooler androgynous manicure, as her client wanted a look that was a little feminine but also a bit masculine. “I started off by applying two coats of Ava Dean Beauty Alexander James black nail polish, then I applied a top coat and allowed it to dry. To finish, I took a size 1 liner brush, dipped it in a matte top coat, and went around the perimeter of the nail.”

Mod-Block French

<p>Anastasiya Sazhina</p>

Anastasiya Sazhina

For a modern art deco vibe, give this mod-block French a go. “I love this look because every nail is different 𑁋 there are no rules,” says Messick. “Start with one to two coats of your favorite sheer nude polish, I used Earl Greige by Dazzle Dry. Let the polish dry completely and add detail using a liner brush like DoubleMoss Arte Liner #2 Brush and a slow-drying black polish like Dazzle Dry Black Stamping Polish to create mod blocks of color.”

Spikes and Studs

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

Take your black nail art design to the next level by adding texture. This look is bringing back '90s glam and we love that it catches the light from every angle. Kandalec created this design by applying a shellac top coat to secure the faceted studs which she hand-applied, one-by-one, over CND shellac.

Charmed French



“When given the opportunity, I will always say yes to charms,” says Messick. “They add an extra edge of extravagance to even the most basic manicure.”

To create this look, the artist started off by applying flat-black charms with a little nail glue and a thick top coat. “After your French manicure dries completely, apply a drop of nail glue where you’d like your charm to stick and use tweezers to gently place them onto the nail, applying one charm at a time, until you achieve your desired look,” says the manicurist. After the adhesive has set, apply a thick top coat like Seche Gel Effect Top Coat to seal the deal.

Matte and Metallic



If you’re looking for a black nail art design that is simple yet elegant, we recommend this. The rich gold pattern on the matte black says "effortless chic."

“For this look, I used all OPI," says Kandalec. I started with a perfect waterless manicure using Chip Skip for the base, then I applied Onyx Skies black polish, Gold Digger gold chrome powder, Chrome Effects Top Coat, and a matte top coat.

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