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“90 Day Fiancé” Introduces Sam and Citra: Inside Their Celibacy Struggles, 'Drug Past' and Daddy Drama

30-year-old American Sam is living out of his car — but his Indonesian fiancée, Citra, is only four days from moving in... and so is her father

<p>TLC</p> Citra and Sam fell in love on a dating app over three years ago.


Citra and Sam fell in love on a dating app over three years ago.

90 Day Fiancé season 10 introduced an all-new couple.

On Sunday night, viewers met Sam, a 30 year old man who lives out of his car. He fell in love with Citra, a 26-year-old woman from West Java, Indonesia.

Sam shared how he overcame years of addiction to painkillers. He reflected on being a “really cold, numb person” throughout the dependency, which started when he was 15. But his harrowing past in the “dirty, ugly world” of drug misuse hasn’t pushed Citra away.

Of course, the other couples also had their time to shine. Nikki and Justin feuded over his previous sex life and some potential overlap with his current relationship. Rob’s friends grilled him on his virtual infidelity — shocking him by taking Sophie’s side. And Nick upset Devin’s American family with his loving (and offensive) nickname for her.

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<p>TLC</p> Though their relationship has been mainly virtual, Citra and Sam met in person — and got engaged — before she moves to America.


Though their relationship has been mainly virtual, Citra and Sam met in person — and got engaged — before she moves to America.

What viewers haven’t seen before is the fresh dynamic between Sam and Citra — and some 90 Day relationship tropes are already shining through.

Sam’s introductory segment gave a glimpse into the depth of his addiction, and his decision to find sobriety around the age of 22. With almost 10 years of sobriety behind him, Sam is preparing for his fiancée, Citra, to move to America.

During no point in their relationship has Citra judged Sam. “She has the most beautiful, open heart,” he said of his fiancée. “She still looked past all that and, like, loved me when I didn't love myself. I’ve never had anyone believe in me the way she believes in me.”

That doesn’t mean their relationship has reached every level in the 3+ years they’ve known each other, though. The couple hasn’t had sex — not for Sam’s lack of trying.

He said he loves a “nice big butt,” which Citra has. “I’ve been dreaming so long of grabbing that butt and just, like, slapping it,” he said.

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They’ve already met in person, but Citra’s culture prohibits her from engaging in premarital sex.

“We’ve kissed and all that, but in Muslim culture, you can't have sex ‘til marriage,” Sam explained to cameras. To drive the point home, Citra’s police officer dad is coming to America with her… just to make sure there’s no funny business.

“It took the fear of her dad to keep that from happening,” Sam added. “There's just something like, ‘I love you like a son, but I'll f—ing kill you.’” Because of the father’s persistence on their celibacy, they’ll race to wed in just two weeks so he has proof of matrimony.

Citra’s religion is a dealbreaker in her relationships. She gave Sam an ultimatum: convert to Islam or they can’t pursue a relationship. “It's really important to my family,” she told cameras.

Sam’s upbringing was quite the opposite. His mom was Christian, and his dad doesn’t believe in much — except for life somewhere else. “He heavily believes in aliens and he's just waiting for them to pick him up,” Sam said.

Personally, Sam has settled into being an atheist in adulthood. “I'm nervous because I definitely think it's going to be hard to live by the strict things that they have to live by,” he said, citing no alcohol and observant fasting as concerns for his conversion.

A teaser for next week’s episode showed Citra arriving in America. All seems to be off to a good start when the pair reunite in a tearful, airport greeting. But whether her father’s arrival will kill the mood has yet to be seen.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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