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AntNetworX Collabs with Biconomy to Build the Next Generation dApps

AntNetworX, a decentralised network that aims to build a suite of scalable, user-friendly dApps with real life utilities has partnered up with binance listed Biconomy

Dubai, UAE, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AntNetworX, a decentralised network that aims to build a suite of scalable, user-friendly dApps with real life utilities has partnered up with binance listed Biconomy, a multi-layer protocol that allows gasless transactions.

The first blockchain that ever came into being was developed in 2008, and the space has, since then, witnessed a drastic transformation. It’s more accessible, the number of projects is higher than ever, more cryptocurrencies are being launched, and new domains are coming up and gaining popularity. But mass adoption of crypto and blockchain still seems a distant reality, with many unaware of the concept and the benefit it offers. And this is what AntNetworX, a decentralized network, strives to change.

AntNetworX plans to develop a wide range of dApps and platforms that offer real-life utilities and expedite the mass adoption of crypto. And, it has so far gotten things right! The AntXWork platform, a marketplace for freelancers to find crypto-related work, is already live and has received a great response from the community. It has a simple user interface, allows members to reach out to global clients, is fully transparent, and employs advanced protocols to ensure security for all the involved parties. Other projects by AntNetworX that offer utility include:

  • AntX Wallet: AntX Wallet will be one of the most advanced ones to date, using smart contracts for all transactions to enhance security. Also, it will allow quick and seamless onboarding of users through social media handles, email addresses, and scanned QR codes, unlike other platforms with a time-consuming and intricate registration process. There will also be additional cashback and rewards on transactions made through the AntX Wallet.

  • AntX Shop: The AntX Shop, one of the first in the space, will allow users to sell and purchase anything and everything with crypto as a transaction medium. It’s fast, secure, and offers a global crypto shopping cart with escrow services.

  • AntX DEX: A high gas fee is a concern shared by many crypto experts, and to eliminate the problem altogether, AntX DEX will allow gasless token exchange, thus allowing users to save big. Also, the transaction cost is kept lower than most platforms in the space to promote and facilitate trading.

  • AntX Chat: It will be a decentralized chat platform allowing community members to establish dialogue and converse.

AntNetworX is still in the development stage, and one can expect more utilities to be developed in the coming days.

AntNetworX partnership with Biconomy

AntNetworX is a platform that intends to deliver profits through a number of channels and reduce transaction costs. To achieve that, the platform has partnered with Biconomy, a multi-layer protocol that allows gasless transactions.

With Biconomy, it’s the dApp that pays the gas fee instead of the end-user, thus reducing the transaction cost and enhancing the user experience.

Benefits of joining AntNetworX

There are not one but several reasons why crypto enthusiasts, of late, have been thronging to AntNetworX. The primary reason is its profit-sharing business model. AntNetworX shares a part of the profits with the users, and another part is burned quarterly. The burning of tokens leads to a reduced supply and, in turn, increases the value of those remaining in circulation. Burning is a tried and tested model employed by several projects and has delivered exemplary returns to investors in the long run.

Also, AntNetworX uses the idea of escrow payments, wherein the funds are kept in a secure wallet until both parties are satisfied, and only then is the fund released. It boosts security and ensures peace of mind for the involved parties.

Besides, as discussed earlier, the rewards in the AntNetworX ecosystem are too good to miss. Users get rewarded for inviting others and even using different features. In addition to that, the more transactions users make, the higher rewards they earn! And these reward points can then be exchanged for AntX tokens.

About the AntX token

The AntX token will facilitate transactions in the ecosystem and will be the means of reward. Unlike most, AntX was created keeping the market dynamics and trends in mind, making it a sustainable token bound to deliver returns in both the short and long run. The total supply of the token is capped at 130,000,000, of which 19% would be available during the pre-sale, 6% has been reserved for marketing, another 8% for CEX and IDO, and 9% has been set aside for burn to further increase the price floor.

AntNetworX also plans to host the ICO for its native token soon. So, get ready, as this would be the perfect opportunity to acquire the AntX tokens at the lowest ever prices. Because once the token is listed on exchanges and starts trading, the value is bound to rise, given the market-oriented tokenomics, user-oriented policies and rewards, and the continued expansion of the ecosystem.

To find out more about AntNetworX, visit the official website:

Also, follow AntX on all available social channels to stay updated with the latest developments, releases, and token sales.







Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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Contact Person: Johan S

Company: AntNetworX


Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates