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Apple unveils new 4K television


Apple has unveiled a new television in a bid to stay ahead in an increasingly crowded tech and entertainment market.

On Tuesday the tech giant announced Apple TV 4K, priced at $US179 ($A223), which will stream Ultra HD movies from major Hollywood studios purchased through iTunes -- for the same price as the HD version.

"Now we're at the next inflection point" for television, chief executive Tim Cook said at Apple's launch event. The new Apple TV 4K provides "stunning visuals" and will deliver "cinematic quality to virtually everything you watch".

The Apple 4K TV will be available to order starting September 15, shipping a week later on September 22.

In addition to Ultra HD resolution, the new set-top provides support for high dynamic range (HDR) video, which greatly expands the colour depth available on displays. The existing fourth-generation Apple TV will continue to be available for $US149.

Apple also is working with Netflix to add support for the streamer's 4K titles later this year, and the new box will highlight live sports for users based on their preferences.

But it's not clear the forthcoming Apple TV 4K will really move the needle for the company in the category, where it has trailed rivals like Roku, Amazon's Fire TV and Google's Chromecast.

At $US179, it will still be at a premium price relative to competitors, each of which already has models supporting 4K and HDR.