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Aussies shocked by windscreen cleaner’s earnings: ‘I need a career change’

A roadside windscreen cleaner has revealed how much money he makes on the job.

A composite image of a still from a TikTok where a windscreen cleaner is being interviewed and Sydney traffic on Parramatta Road.
An Aussie windscreen cleaner revealed how much money he makes on average. (Source: TikTok @mahmoudismail9736 / Getty)

A windscreen cleaner, who stands at a busy intersection in Western Sydney, has revealed the surprising amount of money he makes on an average day.

Cleaning windscreens at the busy Meccano Set in Sydney, located at the boundary between Lansdowne and Villawood, the Aussie revealed he usually made around $150 over a two-hour period.

Well-known Aussie TikToker Mahmoud Ismail, who was interviewing the man, was surprised by the answer and asked how someone could get into the same business.

“You just gotta have the balls to pick up a stick and actually go and do it”, the man said.

The man also revealed Tesla drivers were the stingiest when it came to paying for the service, while another driver in a “little hatchback” paid $300 on one occasion.

Users flooded the comments, shocked at how well-paid the job was.

“I need a career change,” one user said, while another commented that the tools of the trade may soon sell out at shops.

“In b4 [sic] all the window squeegees become sold out,” they said.

The rise of the side hustle

This comes as many Aussies have flocked to side hustles to make some extra cash as the cost of living skyrockets.

There are nearly 1 million Aussies holding a second job, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Freelancing website Fiverr said the uptake in dual employment was no surprise and said it had seen an increase in the number of people looking to supplement their income as the cost of living continued to rise.

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