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Australian Airbnb record set on NYE

About 60,000 people stayed in NSW Airbnb accommodation on New Year's Eve setting a new Australian record, the home-sharing service says.

The company claims the number - which beat the previous year's December 31 figure of 46,900 stays and included a Sydney record of 26,500 - proves accommodation sharing is crucial during major events.

There were more than 59,700 people staying in NSW Airbnb properties on New Year's Eve, with some 293,200 guest arrivals between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.

Airbnb spokesman Brent Thomas said in a statement on Friday "the tourism boom reinforces the urgent need for fair, innovative rules for home sharing in NSW".

The state government is grappling with how to crack down on accommodation-sharing services after releasing an issues paper last year that included potential fines, self-regulation and license applications.

Airbnb has urged the coalition to steer clear of heavy-handed regulation proposing a "three strikes" policy to manage bad behaviour and a statewide planning framework.