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Bachelor in Paradise : Romeo Scrambles to Find a Lady Who Wants His Rose After 3 Rejections

Bachelor in Paradise : Romeo Scrambles to Find a Lady Who Wants His Rose After 3 Rejections

This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Victoria Fuller kicked off Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise by entering with a date card.

First she pulled Johnny DePhillipo from Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's season of The Bachelorette, followed by Justin Glaze. Victoria, 28, decided to ask Justin, 27, on the date, and that upset Genevieve Parisi because she spent the entire first day talking to Justin.

"I'm going to lose Justin," Genevieve, 27, cried to the cameras.

Justin talked to Genevieve about his decision to go on the date and explained that he would've encouraged her to explore her options, too.

"I truthfully would like would want you to do the same thing because either way, I like our connection and I would want it to be the case where if we've explored other things and come back to each other, then it's because we know the other options weren't as strong," Justin said.

Although Genevieve played it cool and told Justin, "it's fine" that he went on the date, she divulged her real feelings in an on-camera interview.

"If Justin forms a connection today, that would be horrible," Genevieve said.

Genevieve Parisi, Justin Glaze, Victoria FUllere
Genevieve Parisi, Justin Glaze, Victoria FUllere

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty (2); Craig Sjodin/ABC

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Justin and Victoria went off-roading on their date, and both of them felt a connection.

"Within our first like five minutes, I feel like we understood each other," Justin said to Victoria. "I was excited to go on the date and I'm glad I did."

Victoria told Justin she thought they had a lot in common. "I was like, this is an easy pick, like, he's great!" she gushed.

Justin agreed. "I definitely felt a vibe between me and Victoria," he told the cameras. "I think we get each other's humor, the conversation is easy, flowing. It feels like we've known each other a lot longer than just today."

When Justin returned from the date at night, Genevieve hoped he had a clear decision. First, Justin chatted with the guys and asked how Genevieve acted during the day when he was gone.

"She's been mopey and kind of pouting all day," Michael Allio told Justin.

Then Justin went to talk to Genevieve, but she had wanted him to approach her sooner.

"You coming back and not even looking at me, not talking to me, not saying anything to me for an hour, that was ridiculous," she complained to the cameras.

Justin told Genevieve he had fun on the date and didn't know where his heart leaned between her and Victoria.

"I don't know what to do from here," Genevieve responded. "I think from what I'm hearing, I don't think I'm what you want."

Genevieve told Justin he needed to figure out where things stood. "What do you think I'm having these conversations for?" he asked.


Shanae Ankney also received a date card this week and asked out Logan Palmer. This worried Hailey Malles because she thought she and Logan, 26, had a connection despite an awkward conversation they had before his date.

"I do feel a little bit confident because anything can happen in Paradise," Hailey, 26, told the cameras. "I do believe in my connection with Logan and I did see it working in my head."

Hailey Malles, Logan Palmer, Shanae Ankney
Hailey Malles, Logan Palmer, Shanae Ankney

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty (3)

But Shanae, 30, and Logan hit it off on their date, which saw them going out dancing in Mexico.

"There's honestly no one else I'd rather be here with," Logan said to Shanae on the dance floor.

When they sat down to talk, Logan doubled down on his feelings for Shanae.

"I felt like an outcast before, for a lot of my life, and I see how like brave you've been to come back," he said. "And for you to like be amongst other people who put you down in a public way, and to return, I see so much strength in you. And I'm so attracted to it."

Shanae returned the sentiment. "I'm smitten, I have butterflies with you," she said.

They kissed and entered the rose ceremony that night on a positive note.

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As if Genevieve hadn't been worried enough about Justin and Victoria's connection, her panic deepened when Lace Morris noticed a suitcase labeled "Salley" in the women's suite. Justin and Salley Carson from Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor connected at the Stagecoach country music festival (a popular breeding ground for BiP relationships), so Genevieve thought that if Salley appeared on the beach, she'd go after Justin as well.

The ladies asked bartender Wells Adams if he knew anything about Salley and whether she might be showing up. Wells, 38, regaled the women with a long tale about how, because Salley didn't even make it out of the limo on the first night of Clayton's season, the show sent a producer to ensure she arrived in Mexico.

The producer allegedly waited for four hours in the trunk of a car while Salley talked to her ex, who told her he didn't love her anymore and that she should go on Paradise. So Salley went to the airport and checked in her luggage, but ended up bailing at the gate upon receiving another call from her ex.

But "as of today, she says she's coming," Wells said, admitting he didn't know exactly when Salley might arrive.

Kira Mengistu used the uncertainty as a reason to commandeer a vibrator the women found in Salley's bag. They also discovered Salley's hair extensions and a waffle iron.


Although men held the power this week and would be the ones giving out roses at the first rose ceremony, Romeo Alexander decided he wanted to make things hard for himself. After locking in a second chance with Jill Chin in the season 8 premiere, 32-year-old Romeo wanted to try for a relationship with Brittany Galvin from Matt James' season.

"I really want to explore something with you," Romeo told her. "I want to pursue something but I also want to do this without devastating Jill."

Brittany, 25, told Romeo she had too much respect for Jill to move forward with him. And when Romeo went in for a kiss, Brittany dodged it.

"Clear out your thoughts and just really think about this," Brittany advised Romeo.

To the cameras, Brittany deemed her talk with Romeo, "the most awkward conversation I've ever had."

"He went in for a kiss and it turned me off," she added.

Brittany Galvin, Romeo Alexander, Jill Chin
Brittany Galvin, Romeo Alexander, Jill Chin

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty (3)

Brittany reported back to Jill, 26, so Romeo eventually approached Jill to explain his rationale.

"It's Paradise and we're here to explore relationships," he said.

Jill refused to hear Romeo out and walked away. Romeo followed, trying to explain himself. When they sat back down, Romeo called talking to Brittany "a mistake."

"If I still give you a rose, do you think maybe you would accept it and stay on?" Romeo asked Jill.

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Jill recommended Romeo "explore other options because this door is firmly shut, and I can't trust anything you say."

With his options dwindling ahead of the rose ceremony, Romeo chatted with Hailey and Kira, 33.

"I want to salvage any spark that there may have been between us," Romeo told Kira.

Like Jill, Kira told Romeo, "I have a hard time trusting you right now."

Romeo asked Kira if she'd accept his rose, but she said she didn't have an answer for him about that.

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Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.