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Bella Hadid wants to be 'real' with her followers

·2-min read

Bella Hadid is determined to be "real" with her social media followers.
The 25-year-old model opened up about her many "depressive episodes" during an Instagram post in November, and Bella has been encouraged by the reaction to her message.
Bella - who has more than 48 million followers on Instagram - explained: "That post made me less lonely because I had a lot of people that have reached out saying, 'I feel that way too'. [When I posted them] it was to make sure that anybody that was feeling that way knew it was okay to feel that way."
Bella now wants to "speak [her] truth" on social media.
The brunette beauty told WSJ. Magazine: "Even though on Instagram things look so beautiful, at the end of the day, we are all cut from the same cloth. I felt like it was just good for me to be able to speak my truth and at some point I wasn't able to post nice pretty pictures anymore. I was over it."
Bella added that "real is the new real" and admitted that her attitude towards social media has changed over recent months.
She said: "I don't know if that's not what people want on Instagram, and that's fine. I don't have to be on Instagram forever. I feel like real is the new real, and that's what's important to me."
In November, Bella posted a series of selfies of herself in a distressed state on social media.
The model explained that dealing with anxiety, depression, and burnout had been her reality "every day, every night" for years.
She explained to her followers: "Sometimes all you’ve gotta hear is that you’re not alone. So from me to you, you’re not alone. I love you, I see you, and I hear you."

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