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Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' film debuts in theaters: 'It was out of this world'

Beyoncé’s highly anticipated documentary “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” has finally arrived, and fans all over are hitting theaters.

Some fans put on their best Bey-inspired outfits and headed to The AMC Grove theater in Los Angeles with high hopes. While the Renaissance-themed popcorn buckets and cups had already sold out, fans still were thrilled to see the film.

“I’m excited to see all the behind-the-scenes. I went to her birthday concert in L.A., and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I was on the floor so it was the best experience,” says Jessica Lynn Diaz, a Beyhive member who was decked out in silver on her way into the cinema.

Several fans expressed their excitement for the crowd’s high energy and their anticipation to sing along with others in theaters.

Jessica Lynn Dias attends Beyoné's
Jessica Lynn Dias attends Beyoné's

And their prediction was spot on. As soon as the 7 p.m. show commenced, the movie theater transformed into a live concert.

Patrons cheered as soon as the show began while Bey sang the opening number "Dangerously in Love 2," and that energy lingered throughout the night.

During the movie fans often stood on their feet, singing and dancing along, pausing only for the speaking moments.

A night of tears

“I honestly couldn’t stop crying. Beyoncé. Her artistry, her magic, her intention, her essence, her magic. She’s the artist of our generation,” says Chris Jacobs as he left the theater with his friend.

Jacobs wasn't the only one; many others admitted to being brought to tears as soon as the film started.

In the movie, Beyoncé often cried tears of gratitude, and her vulnerability was present throughout the film. Bey was open about the physical and mental challenges she faced to create the Renaissance tour. She reflected on how even at her astronomical level of success, she sometimes has trouble being heard as a professional Black woman. In a series of clips, she gracefully pushed her crew to meet her expectations.

Inspiration and liberation

Fans shared camaraderie around Yoncé as they both entered and left theaters.

“It was out of this world. I actually already saw it twice and it’s [only] Friday,” says Alia Daniels. “I feel like she just represents strong women everywhere, so [whenever] I’m feeling down, I love playing her album. I love playing all all her albums, but this last one was just it. I had it on repeat."

“Beyoncé is an inspiration. She always has been … I’ve grown up with Beyoncé,” says Freddy Reyes.

Many were also quick to express the liberation and joy they feel when thinking about Beyoncé.

And those sentiments seem to align with Yoncé's own hope for the Renaissance album. In the trailer, which features a snippet from the tour, she said, "I hope you feel liberated, but the renaissance is not over."

The film premiered in theaters worldwide on Dec. 1, World AIDS day in honor of her late uncle Jonny.

This article originally appeared on Nashville Tennessean: Fans dance, sing at Beyonce's 'Renaisssance' film in theaters