Big date for Woolworths Everyday Rewards shoppers

Woolworths customers can now unwrap their Everyday Rewards savings in time for the festive season.

Woolworths Everyday Rewards shoppers can access their hard-earned Christmas savings from today.

The supermarket giant’s popular Bank for Christmas program allows shoppers to save up their points to help take the pinch out of the festive season. Shoppers are able to earn $10 off each time they accumulate 2,000 points.

From today, November 13, Everyday Rewards shoppers can redeem their banked dollars via the Everyday Rewards app or through an email sent by the loyalty program.

Woolworths supermarket and Everyday Rewards account with Bank for Christmas option.
Woolworths shoppers can get savings on their Christmas shopping from today. (Source: Getty/Facebook)

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Savvy shoppers are able to redeem their savings in multiples of $10 in-store and online at Woolworths, BWS, Big W, Everyday Market, My Deal and participating EG Ampol sites.


Woolworths recommends shoppers only unlock their funds when they are ready to shop to keep their funds safe and secure.

Customers can redeem their points from now until December 31. After this, any remaining points balance will be saved for next Christmas.


It comes as some Everyday Rewards customers reported a ‘glitch’ in their accounts over the weekend, with members unable to see their accumulated points.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo Finance this was a “temporary glitch” impacting a small number of members’ displayed balances. It has not impacted members’ actual point balances.

How do I unlock my points?

Everyday Rewards customers who selected the ‘Bank for Christmas’ option can unlock their savings by logging into the Everyday Rewards app, tapping the stocking icon next to their total saved dollars and following the prompts.

Alternatively, customers can open the email that Everyday Rewards sends them today about unlocking their savings and click ‘unlock’.

Stretching your savings

Everyday Rewards members have been told to look out for offers in-store ahead of Christmas, including exclusive pricing on food, and decorations and gifts at Big W.

"Make your grocery and gift list early, so you can keep an eye out for specials at both Woolworths and Big W available in the lead-up to Christmas,” Everyday Rewards general manager Glen Baker previously told Yahoo Finance.

"By stocking up on things like non-perishable food items, gift wrap and presents in advance, you can store them away for the big day to save you time and spread out the cost of Christmas over multiple weeks."

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