Brandy returns to her iconic 90s Cinderella role with new blue Queen hair and I can't cope

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brandy cinderella blue hair
Brandy is back as 90s Cinderella, with blue hairLeon Bennett/STA 2020 - Getty Images

I'm writing this while furiously singing to the 1997 Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella movie soundtrack, and you can thank me for the fact it will be in your head all day now too (unless you haven't seen it, which you should rectify, stat). We just got to see Brandy return to her iconic princess role in Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red, only now she's Queen Charming and boy-oh-boy does she have the hair to let us know it.

Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte has a new peer because this hair... spectacular.

Starring alongside Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother and Whoopi Goldberg as the Queen back in 1997, Brandy's Cinderella had stepped up to fill her glass slippers in a regal return to the character 26 years on. While seeing Cinderella with micro braids in the original still makes our hearts sing, her blue fishtail braid is the perfect evolution for her matured role, and ties her character into the fantasy series.

Sailing past her hip, the blue 'do rises with a voluminous bouffant at the top, filling her crown, as it should 👏🏽. And it's matched to her icy blue baroque hooded gown, and frosted blue eyes. It's just too much to handle.

Of course, Prince Charming co-star, Paolo Montalban is still by her side, now as King Charming. Excuse me, I meant, King Christopher Rupert Windemere, Vladimir Karl Alexander François Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James Charming.

We can't believe they're back, Impossible things are happening every day ✨

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