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Broadband woes continue for thousands

By Cleo Fraser

Tens of thousands of Telecom broadband customers across the country are still experiencing dodgy internet connections, as Telecom works to fix a major network fault.

About 300,000 or two-thirds of Telecom broadband customers lost internet from about 1am on Tuesday after a problem occurred during a software upgrade on an Auckland server.

The problem meant customer modems were failing to authenticate when trying to connect with the server.

The system was restored at 8.15am the same day after it was transferred to a Christchurch server.

However, another fault occurred causing the Christchurch server to overload and the same number of customers were without internet from 9.45pm to 11.35pm.

The Christchurch system has since been shut down and all Telecom internet traffic is running through Auckland.

Telecom spokeswoman Jo Jalfon told NZ Newswire internet has been restored to most customers but the connection may be cutting in and out for tens of thousands on Wednesday morning.

The company is working to fix the problem which is caused by the Auckland server overloading.

Management will be meeting to discuss whether customers will be offered compensation once the fault has been fixed, she says.

Telecom's retail CEO Chris Quin apologised to all affected customers and says a review is under way to work out how any future issues can be minimised.

Any customers still experiencing problems should try restarting their modem or contacting Telecom.