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CARBONLOOP and HAFFNER ENERGY Announce Their First Order for the Production of Renewable Gas Supporting the Acceleration of Industry Decarbonization

PARIS, October 05, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News:

CARBONLOOP and HAFFNER ENERGY (Paris:ALHAF) today announce the signing of a purchase order for the supply, installation and commissioning by HAFFNER ENERGY of a SYNOCA® unit. This equipment is designed to produce renewable gas by thermolysis of biomass, for a CARBONLOOP customer site located in the Yvelines (France). This project, developed, financed and operated by CARBONLOOP, will enable the local production of "carbon negative" energy. This first project is in line with the strategy of both partners to decarbonize industry and heavy mobility.

This is the first order signed within the framework of the Commercial Agreement signed in October 2021 between the two companies. The equipment ordered includes a "Thermolyzer" Skid and a "Reformer" Skid, the two skids together constituting a SYNOCA® module. This module will produce Hypergaz® (renewable gas) up to 500 kW PCI, from biomass coming from woody co-products from agricultural and forestry operations collected locally. This process will also allow the production of approximately 400 tons of biochar per year, which will be marketed for soil improvement and compost enrichment. The entire system will contribute to sequestering approximately 1,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year, certified by carbon credits. The renewable gas will be converted into renewable electricity and heat, which will ensure the self-consumption of the site, an innovative regenerative agriculture pole being built in the Yvelines (France). This first project for CARBONLOOP, which is expected to be commissioned in mid-2023, will also be a laboratory for testing inputs and biochar in order to be able to use agricultural and forestry residues that are not used locally in a circular economy and short supply chain.

In the current context of soaring energy prices, this project allows the production of renewable gas at a competitive cost as a substitute for natural gas, and fully meets the market's expectations regarding the European Union's energy independence (REPowerEU) and reduction of its carbon footprint. This evolution accelerates the decarbonization offer of both companies around renewable gas and expands with SYNOCA® the development potential of HAFFNER ENERGY beyond the hydrogen production driven by the HYNOCA® technology.

"CARBONLOOP is thrilled to be among HAFFNER ENERGY's first customers. With the biomass thermolysis technology developed by HAFFNER ENERGY, CARBOONLOOP is proud to offer the first energy service that traps more carbon than it emits. Not only does it allow the substitution of natural gas at a competitive price, but it also contributes to accelerate the industries’ decarbonization trajectory", says Claire Chastrusse, CEO of CARBONLOOP.

"We are delighted to implement our first renewable gas production contract for our customer and long-term partner CARBONLOOP. The rising cost of energy and the necessity for Europe to reduce its energy dependence reinforce our business model based on a complete and competitive solution, with on-demand production of hydrogen, gas or electricity, without intermittency", concludes Philippe Haffner, Chairman and CEO of HAFFNER ENERGY.

About Carbonloop
A start-up launched in 2021, Carbonloop offers an accelerated decarbonization service for industries and heavy mobility, based on a process combining the production of carbon-neutral energy from biomass residues and a local and sustainable carbon sink, biochar. This innovative and fully integrated energy solution (including project financing, biomass supply, operation and management of services associated with biochar and carbon certification) allows industrial companies consuming natural gas or hydrogen to benefit from "carbon-negative" energy and to meet their commitments to reduce ­greenhouse gases in a practical and concrete way. With the aim to develop more than 200 projects in Europe by 2030, Carbonloop's ambition is to be able to sequester more than 1 million tons of CO₂ equivalent per year by then.

About Haffner Energy
A listed and family company co-founded and co-managed by Marc and Philippe Haffner and a player in the energy transition for 30 years, Haffner Energy designs and provides technologies and services enabling its customers to produce green hydrogen, renewable gas replacing natural gas combined with carbon capture through the co-production of biochar through its Synoca® and Hynoca® processes, by thermolysis of biomass. Those processes allow the production of hydrogen or renewable gas at highly competitive cost, is carbon negative of 12 kg (net) of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced, while depending very little on the electricity grid and the cost of electricity. This enables Haffner Energy to make a very rapid and agile contribution to the strategic challenges of Europe's energy independence combined with the acceleration of its decarbonization.

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