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Celebrate "BBL Week" with SQULPT

The innovative body shaping practice is changing the conversation around BBLs with a week of dedicated content, kicking off February 6th

NEW YORK, February 06, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Body shaping practice, SQULPT, has named February 6th, as "BBL Week." SQULPT founder and plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Suissa is hoping to break the stigma around Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery & educate women on SQULPT’s modernized approach that has transformed the way awake liposuction and fat transfer is done.

SoftSqulpt® - A Modernized Approach to Awake Lipo

SQULPT was founded on the belief that the world needed a better, modernized approach to body contouring. This belief led to the creation of SoftSqulpt®, a patented 360 lipo and fat transfer innovation that improves on traditional liposuction while avoiding the many downsides.

The SoftSqulpt® Difference

SoftSqulpt® uses miniaturized instruments and smooth symphonic vibration to gently remove stubborn body fat, which surgeons then transfer for an all-natural body transformation with flawless results. No silicone, no general anesthesia and very little downtime. With BBL requests on the rise from coast to coast, SQULPT has performed thousands of successful BBL treatments to date using the SoftSqulpt® method.

  • Silicone-free

  • Awake and comfortable

  • No general anesthesia

  • Close to pain-free

  • Fast recovery

A Better Brazilian Butt Lift

In 2017, Dr. Suissa co-authored the most highly read and cited research paper ever written on the topic of BBL safety. As a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery special task force, Dr. Suissa demonstrated with this paper that injecting fat into the gluteal muscle is definitively unsafe and puts the patient at an inordinately high risk of a fat embolism. Upon founding SQULPT, Dr. Suissa was able to build upon his past work and push the principles of BBL safety even further with SoftSqulpt®.

  • Patients are awake.
    SQULPT patients are active participants in the process and can give the plastic surgeons direct feedback at every step, significantly reducing the risk of surgical issues.

  • A patented and proven approach.
    SoftSqulpt® uses smooth vibration to gently expand and relax the connective tissue fibers between the skin and gluteal muscle before the fat is transferred. This ensures the fat is only injected under the skin and not into the muscle, removing the risk of a fat embolism.

  • Strict safety protocols.
    SQULPT has put standardized protocols in place for proper cannula selection, angulation, patient positioning and entry sites—all to further remove risks, minimize discomfort, and allow for a faster, smoother recovery.

A BBL For Different Body Types

At SQULPT, the doctors believe in a customized approach vs. a "one size fits all" solution. That’s why the practice has created two BBL treatment options:

  • Petite BBL™ - For women with petite frames looking to subtly accentuate the bottom, while filling in hip dips for a natural, perfectly proportioned look.

  • XL BBL® - For women with medium- to plus-size figures looking to add volume to the bottom, hip dips and outer thighs for a voluptuous shape that still looks natural.

Both treatments use the Cuff & Roll™ technique—a signature look that sets SQULPT BBLs apart. This technique ensures fat is transferred not just to the buttocks, but from the buttocks down to the thigh line, for a smooth and seamless silhouette.


SQULPT’s mission is to make every body transformation as safe and natural as possible. And with the first-ever BBL Week, the practice wants to break the stigma around BBLs, showing women that there is a safe, gentle and natural way to achieve the results they want.

SQULPT will be rolling out content across their various social platforms. This content will include a deeper dive into SQULPT’s BBL treatments, patient testimonials, before & after shots, BBL myths debunked, and a live Q&A with Dr. Suissa. SQULPT is also excited to host a BFF BLL giveaway for two friends, announcing the winners on Monday March 6th, 2023.

To learn more, visit SQULPT’s website at and on Instagram at @squlpt.


SQULPT’s mission is to make every body contouring transformation as safe and natural as possible. SoftSqulpt® is SQULPT’s patented 360 awake lipo and fat transfer innovation that’s safe, gentle and close to pain-free. This modernized approach uses your own body fat to enhance what you were born with for an all-natural look with lasting results. No silicone, no general anesthesia and very little downtime. In addition to SoftSqulpt®, SQULPT is also the innovator behind Petite BBL™, XL BBL®, Naturals™ (breast augmentation) and the Silicone Free Zone®. Other body shaping areas include thighs and legs, arms, mid-section, chin and neck. SQULPT currently has a location in Los Angeles and will be opening more locations across the country this year, including Miami (opening its doors in early 2023).

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Samantha Grant
AMP3 Public Relations