Charlotte Flair Says Her WWE Persona Was the Insecurity-Free Version of Herself: We 'Are Very Different'

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The WWE star's emotional journey is the subject of A&E's Biography: WWE Legends episode this Sunday

Jason Koerner/Getty Images
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Charlotte Flair wants fans to see her "softer side," the WWE star tells PEOPLE.

Flair, 36, whose real name is Ashley Fliehr, will be the subject of Sunday's episode of Biography: WWE Legends, and the WWE star says she's "nervous but excited" for fans to see her emotional journey.

"What I was trying to get across was that Charlotte Flair, the character and the woman, are very different," she says. "I'm human, just like the rest of us and for so long, I've worn this armor as this character."

The episode explores Flair's struggles with body image and harsh criticism from the WWE world, which she says "was so frustrating for so many years," at the beginning of her career.

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When she created Charlotte's character, Flair says she was able to make her alter ego into the person she wanted to be without her insecurities.

"I built a woman that I wanted to be in my real life. I built this character that was confident, dominant, arrogant, strong, took no bulls--- persona, and I needed that kind of hero in my personal life," she says.

Flair — the daughter of legendary WWE superstar Ric Flair — says it's been "so frustrating for so many years" hearing certain critics spreading "the narrative" that her success is due to her father's name.

"Charlotte is the 14-time women's champion because of her consistency and dedication and the love for the business," says Flair, referring to her character. "Because it was my job to take in all that hate, I've taken it in for so long."

In her daily life, the WWE star admires her wrestling persona's confidence. "I wish I was Charlotte, she's so cool," says Flair. "That's when I feel my best — when I lace my boots up and put on my robe and walk out."

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Fellow WWE star Ronda Rousey speaks about Flair's career in the WWE Legends special. "I was so honored when Ronda wanted to do it. When I was starting out, I wanted to be the Ronda Rousey of the WWE. So, I'm so honored," says Flair.

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Next for Flair, she says her success in the WWE has inspired her to explore interests outside of wrestling. "If I had no idea that I had all this ability and passion for this, what does the future look like? If I'm scared to do something else? I was scared to do this, and I just attacked it full speed ahead."

Flair says she's been auditioning for acting roles, which is a refreshing — and challenging — change from performing in the ring.

"I think what's going to be the hardest part for me is that now when I perform, it's for an audience, so you automatically know whether they like it or not," says Flair, who enjoys "feeding off the adrenaline of 80,000 people" when she's in the ring.

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"Acting is very different," she explains. "What I've noticed with the scripts is I enjoy portraying someone, putting all different emotions out for whatever character you're playing. I like that."

And while she's not sure where the acting bug will take her, Flair says she's just going with the flow at this point. "I really enjoy putting smiles on people's faces and helping people understand that they can be their own hero. It's never too late to change the course of your life. I picked my profession at 28, and here I am. So, just go for whatever you want."

Biography: WWE Legends airs Sunday on A&E.

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