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Christy Carlson Romano Talks About Her Decision to Get Breast Implants as a Teen: 'I Had Body Image Issues'

The 'Even Stevens' actress reflected on the body image issues she faced after filming 'Cadet Kelly' in 2002 and said that her mom supported her decision

<p>Paul Archuleta/Getty</p> Christy Carlson Romano in 2019

Paul Archuleta/Getty

Christy Carlson Romano in 2019

Actress Christy Carlson Romano recently opened up about her decision to get breast implants as a teenager, a decision influenced in part by her mother, Sharon Romano.

In a recent episode of her Vulnerable podcast, the Even Stevens actress, 39, reflected on the body image issues she faced after filming the TV movie, Cadet Kelly, in 2002.

“I had actually had body image issues after Cadet Kelly — big time," Romano told costar Andrea Lewis. “I had that very tight, rigid uniform on for Jennifer Stone. And I remember seeing — and a lot of times it comes up in memes — where I'm standing face-to-face with [Hilary Duff] and I’m completely flat-chested."


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At the time, Romano was coming of age in Hollywood and said she discussed the possibility of getting breast implants with her mom.

"My mom, she was like, 'Christy, if you want to get breast implants, I just want to let you know that’s an option,' " she said. "What I will say is I did decide to go through with that."

Romano also highlighted the generational differences, expressing love for her mother and calling it a "stage mom-ing moment." She went on to say she chose to get the procedure after turning 18.

<p>Michael Tullberg/Getty</p>

Michael Tullberg/Getty

The former Kim Possible actress also emphasized how she felt less glamorous on Cadet Kelly, especially when juxtaposed with Duff, who played the movie's titular character. Recalling how she looked "completely flat-chested" while standing next to her costar, she added that the character made her feel extremely ugly.

On the podcast, Lewis shared her contrasting experiences. "I was the polar opposite. I have big boobs, I’ve always had big boobs, I had big boobs even then and my little uniform made me look flat-chested," she said.

Elsewhere in the episode, Romano and Lewis fondly reminisced about filming Cadet Kelly with Duff, likening the experience to summer camp. "I was having a great time hanging out with you guys," Romano said. "I actually really enjoyed my time with Hillary. She was just so excited. It was such a vibe at that moment. It was such a summer camp."

Romano's candid discussion about her plastic surgery drew significant support from her Instagram followers. The Broadway star is known for her openness with fans, having previously shared her battles with alcoholism and financial challenges.

Last year, Romano celebrated a significant milestone, sharing on TikTok that she was five years sober. The post garnered numerous supportive responses. High School Musical actress KayCee Stroh praised Romano as "amazing," while her husband, actor and producer Brendan Rooney, expressed, "Proud of you mama!"

Romano has been married to Rooney since 2013, and they have two daughters — Isabella, 6, and Sophia, 4 — together.

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