CRISPR QC Accepted into EvoNexus – San Diego’s Premier Startup Incubator

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Technology Driven Insights to Improve CRISPR Edit Outcomes

SAN DIEGO, August 16, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On August 12, 2022, EvoNexus, California’s leading non-profit tech incubator, selected CRISPR QC to become a portfolio company.

"The right environment and mentorship is critical to the success of any early stage company. As a returning alumnus of the EvoNexus program, I'm thrilled to be bringing CRISPR QC into their portfolio and know just how well they can boost the growth of the company," states Ross Bundy, President of CRISPR QC.

"Since 2010, EvoNexus portfolio companies have raised over $1.7B with 40 exits totaling over $2.1B," states Rory Moore, Co-Founder & CEO, EvoNexus. "We are pleased to have CRISPR QC enter our incubation program and once again have the opportunity to work with Ross Bundy. CRISPR QC leverages technology developed at his previous company, Cardea Bio, an EvoNexus graduate. Healthcare technology has always been a focus area of EvoNexus with over 40 startups launched in that sector."

CRISPR Cas9 Editing, the discoverers of which were recently awarded a Nobel Prize, has the potential to be defining technology of the 21st century. Demand for CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing has exploded because of its huge potential for curing genetic diseases and for improvements that help secure our food supply in the face of challenges like climate change and global conflict. However, CRISPR will not be able to scale to its full potential and minimize the potential harm without effective standardization and quality control.

At CRISPR QC, we leverage CRISPR-Chip™, to provide unique and quantitative insight to CRISPR that provides the foundational knowledge and measurements required for this much-needed scalable standardization and quality control. CRISPR QC will become the standard by which gene editing therapies and other CRISPR applications are measured to ensure safety and efficacy.

As a part of the EvoNexus community, CRISPR QC will accelerate growth by tapping into EvoNexus’s extensive network of investors, demonstrated entrepreneurs, and technology leaders who are all dedicated to EvoNexus portfolio companies’ success.


CRISPR QC is a biotechnology company empowering scientists using CRISPR to solve the world’s great challenges by providing the key cornerstones of information and insight fundamental to realizing the full potential of CRISPR.

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