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Culprits Premiere Recap: A Heist Crew Is Stalked by a Vicious Masked Killer — Grade It!

In Hulu’s Culprits, a crew of thieves pulls off the ultimate heist, but is the enormous payday worth their lives? That’s what Joe Petrus (played by Misfits’ Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) is about to find out.

In the series’ opening scene, an Italian man bleeding from the face is being chased through a beautiful, lavish mansion. He races down a hallway and a set of stairs before sprinting toward a diesel sports car. On his tail is a masked killer with a gun who lands a bullet in the guy’s shoulder before blowing his brains out.

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We cut to Joe, a man living in Washington State who’s left the dangerous world of crime behind for a new life. He has a steady boyfriend, Jules, and two step-children he dearly adores. But when he reads about a local woodland clearance happening in his town, he heads there in the middle of the night to collect something he buried long ago: a duffel bag full of money. Lots of money.

On his way home, Joe is involved in a hit and run. The accident isn’t his fault; a driver blew a stop sign and smashed into a woman, whose car then hits Joe straight on. When officers arrive on the scene, Joe takes a breathalyzer test and ultimately ends up at the station to give his statement. He has the license plate and he tells the cops everything he knows.

Via flashbacks, we learn that Joe (formerly, David Marking) is a man of many talents. We watch one of his former jobs where he works as a bodyguard for a crime boss. When the deal turns south, Joe’s able to ensure a safe exit for the man using his cunning, quick thinking, some fire power and a little grand theft auto. Word of his skills gets around and eventually he meets Dianne Harewood, a criminal mastermind with a big idea up her sleeve who’s looking to recruit a team. After a vetting test (she sends two of her people to pose as police; Joe tells them nothing, thereby passing the test), she offers him a position in her crew. The only catch: After the job, the team must disband, switch identities and leave their entire lives behind.

When the heist team officially gathers to get a layout of the plan, Dianne gives them all nicknames: Brain (her name, of course), Fixer, Right Hand, Soldier, Officer, Muscle (Joe) and Driver.

Back in the present, Joe googles his car accident. A local councilman has been charged with the hit and run — info that will be important later in the series. But as Joe scrolls the news site, he sees a headline that reads: “Crash Stunt Driver Dies in Mafia Style Killing.” Joe is visibly worried. The man who was murdered was a former colleague of his. Driver, aka, the getaway driver employed for the heist.

And unbeknownst to Joe and the rest of them, the killer is about to track down each and every one of them.

What did you think about the Culprits premiere? Grade it below, then light up the comments section!

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