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Denzel Washington wants to make the most of his time

·2-min read

Denzel Washington knows he's "only got so much time left".
The 67-year-old actor admitted the passing of his mother Lennis last June has made him question his purpose as a human being so he is determined to "contribute" as much as he can with his life.
He said: "That's become clearer for me recently. It came to a head this year. I buried my mother.
“And then I started to understand that you’re only here for a time and then you’re out. I’ve only got so much time left.
“But I’m excited about the future and want to contribute. Not about lifting people up — I’m not heading down that road. I’m just an actor. I’m an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary job. But I like my job.”
The 'Tragedy of Macbeth' actor admitted his awareness of his mortality has given him a new drive in his career and he's keen to work with "the great" filmmakers while he can so he's been in touch with Paul Thomas Anderson, Alfonso Cuaron and Steve McQueen to discuss the possibility of working with them.
He told Sunday Times Culture magazine: "Actually, I spent the day with Paul. I went to his house. You know, I thought about the top filmmakers, because I’m not going to do many more films. I know that. So I want to work with the best.
“I called Steve! I need them to push me. Steve seems lovely. We kicked around ideas. I want to work with the greats. I need that...
"It’s like Macbeth, man. I’m at that yellow-leaf stage. He’s in the autumn of life and that’s where I’m at. If I’m lucky, that’s where I’m at. So I’ve got to get on with it.”

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