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Dialpad Brings Ai at Work to the World’s Biggest Advertising Stage

Dialpad to run first-ever ad at the Big Game on February 12, featuring 42 Ai easter eggs with nods to leading films and TV series, pop culture sensations, and historic discoveries.

SAN FRANCISCO, February 06, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alert the Ai fanatics, the Ai curious, the robo enthusiasts, and pop culture connoisseurs! Dialpad, Inc., the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that is changing the way the world works together, is taking viewers back in time and into the future in mere seconds on February 12 with its debut Big Game ad "The Good Ai" featuring 42 (yes, 42!) Ai references of past and present. The ad, produced by Hybrid Productions, pays homage to the most pivotal moments in Ai history and speaks to what’s to come as Ai powers the future of work.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Dialpad debuts its first-ever ad at the Big Game, featuring 42 Ai easter eggs (Photo: Dialpad)

Ai at work is Dialpad’s home turf – the company is at the forefront of Ai-powered meeting transcriptions, call coaching, and actionable insights, and today helps more than 30,000 customers with employees across every department – from sales, customer service, and marketing – adapt and thrive in this hybrid work-from-anywhere world.

"‘The Good Ai’ captures the world’s fascination with Ai and the journey we’ve all been on as it has evolved throughout our lifetimes. And it has now reached the workplace in a bigger way than it ever has before," said Morgan Norman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dialpad. "There is a large-scale transformation taking shape at companies today to incorporate and use Ai to manage the complex demands of an evolving market. Dialpad can be a part of that evolution, offering a single platform that pulls from over 3.5 billion minutes of real-time voice and messaging data to deliver Ai predictive insights that boost customer satisfaction, improve employee collaboration, and empower customers to reach new heights."

Viewers looking for hints on the big AI easter egg hunt in the ad can get started with these clues:

  1. A cute virtual assistant on the moon

  2. Do you want to stay in the simulation?

  3. The iconic AI test

  4. The OG AI transportation

  5. One of the earliest AI characters, introduced in this classic 1968 film

  6. Checkmate

  7. Fall in love with an AI OS

  8. Robots from the future

  9. Mortal keychain pet

  10. The AI housekeeper

Visit to view all 42 clues.

Dialpad’s Ai data accuracy is industry-leading. Dialpad’s Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform seamlessly combines Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, Ai Meetings, and Ai Messaging solutions in one beautiful app. Dialpad’s Ai uses built-in speech recognition and natural language processing to deliver real-time Ai CSAT scores and insights resulting in 96% of Ai Contact Center solution customers relying on Dialpad’s Ai to improve their organization's customer service and overall customer experience workflows.

About Dialpad

Dialpad is the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that is completely transforming how the world works together. We’ve designed one, beautiful workspace that seamlessly combines the most advanced Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, and Ai Meetings with Ai Messaging. More than 30,000 innovative brands and millions of people use Dialpad to unlock productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction with real-time Ai insights. Visit to learn more.

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