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Exclusive: Minds CEO Challenges Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to Walk the Walk on Bitcoin

P. H. Madore
Jack Dorsey loves to talk about Bitcoin, but CEO Bill Ottman says he needs to incorporate its design philosophy into his own products at Twitter. | Source: REUTERS / Chris Wattie / File Photo

By CEO Bill Ottman recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he talked about the importance of open source and decentralization. While these are subjects near and dear to his heart, they are more a vehicle for his true passion – building a social infrastructure that respects people’s rights. We caught up with Bill shortly after the podcast to talk about the growth Minds has experienced as a result of the appearance, as well as the recent forays into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency made by two other social media CEOs: Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg: Crypto Posers?

Ottman told CCN that Zuckerberg and Dorsey demonstrated a philosophical conflict by adopting cryptocurrency – or in the case of Dorsey, pumping Bitcoin – without building open systems into their own products at Facebook and Twitter:

“I think that there’s a disconnect between how Dorsey is supporting Bitcoin but at the same time Twitter is a closed platform. The philosophy of Twitter is in conflict with the philosophy of Bitcoin. I do think it’s good that more high profile are using Bitcoin. It’s good that they’re doing that. But the Cash App, as well, is a closed system. Twitter is a closed system. It seems like they’re trying to use Bitcoin as opposed to build on it.”

“I think the core philosophy of Twitter and Facebook, who is also launching a blockchain program – they’re both doing the same thing. They’re using it to make headlines and show that they’re relevant, but they’re not building the same open systems into their own products. […]”

mark zuckerberg facebook

Ottman warns crypto users against having any illusions that big tech companies like Facebook actually care about the values that underly the Bitcoin revolution. | Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Then it occurs to Ottman that perhaps the situation can be rectified. What if users challenge Facebook and Twitter to walk the walk?

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