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Ezoic Launches Flickify, an AI Text-to-Video Tool That Turns Articles, Blogs, and Scripts into Videos Within Minutes

Digital publishers can now easily create original videos to help increase website traffic and drive revenue

SAN DIEGO, December 01, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After a year of anticipation, Ezoic, the AI technology platform for digital publishers, launches its new AI text-to-video tool, Flickify, and makes it available to publishers worldwide. With Flickify, publishers can now access video content capabilities previously only afforded to those with the ability to either invest many hours of their own time on video production or outsource it.

Flickify allows growing sites with existing content to immediately gain exposure to new streams of ad revenue and search engine traffic from places like Google Images, Google Video and Humix video sharing network. Flickify requires no video editing skills, video equipment or special training. The cloud-based platform uses AI technology to generate high-quality videos from written content. Publishers can simply sign into, choose the Flickify tool on the dashboard and create up to five videos a month at no cost.

Videos can be completely AI generated or customized by adding clips taken from the Flickify stock library of millions of images or by uploading your own images and video files. The tool even features AI narration and an eclectic offering of background music.

"Publishers know they need videos to build audiences and increase site revenue, and our beta customers using Flickify have seen the exponential traffic and revenue growth with our tool," says Ezoic CMO Tyler Bishop. "Flickify is the perfect complement to Humix, our massive video sharing network, which delivers an immediate audience via access to sites all over the world looking for video content."

Publishers creating videos with Flickify can start getting views and earning revenue from their videos immediately by sharing them on Humix. This worldwide video sharing platform has no subscriber or view requirements and serves as an alternative to sites like YouTube, which requires at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 public watch hours/year, and an Adsense account.

Stephen Hockman, founder of SEO Chatter says, "What I like most about Flickify is you can instantly start making money from videos you create by adding them to your website and running ads on them. Plus, you can boost revenue by sharing your Flickify videos on Humix where they play on other publishers’ websites, allowing you to tap into other publishers’ audiences and increase video reach and ad revenue without having to acquire that traffic yourself."

Join Ezoic and start using Flickify and Humix today to start building more traffic as early as tomorrow.

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