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Fermbox Bio Introduces EN3ZYME: A Global Solution Transforming Agricultural Waste into Renewable Biofuels and Sustainable Synbio Products

BANGALORE, India, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Fermbox Bio, a synthetic biology research and manufacturing company, announces the launch of EN3ZYME, a cutting-edge enzyme cocktail designed to enhance both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transforming pre-treated agri-based residues into fermentable, cellulosic sugars. These sugars pave the way to produce second-generation (2G) ethanol and serve as an alternative carbon source in precision fermentation to produce bio-ingredients and biomaterials, such as colors, dyes, flavors, fragrances, lipids, and novel food proteins, fostering a circular economy.

 Launching EN3ZYME: a cellulosic enzyme cocktail that hydrolyzes pretreated agri-based residues into cellulosic sugars utilized in 2G ethanol production & precision fermentation-based biomanufacturing
Launching EN3ZYME: a cellulosic enzyme cocktail that hydrolyzes pretreated agri-based residues into cellulosic sugars utilized in 2G ethanol production & precision fermentation-based biomanufacturing

Addresses the Food-fuel-debate Associated with 1G ethanol

This innovation directly addresses the food vs. fuel challenge associated with first-generation (1G) ethanol by hydrolyzing agricultural residues into a viable alternative carbon source. EN3ZYME is designed to hydrolyze diverse feedstock residues such as bagasse, cotton stalks, corn stover, and other cellulose-rich materials. The technology and its applications support sustainable processes and resource optimization, aligning with global environmental goals.


"Our vision with EN3ZYME was to tackle the twin challenge of energy sustainability and climate change head-on," said Mr. Subramani Ramachandrappa, Founder of Fermbox Bio.

Unique Co-located Biomanufacturing Model

"Our biomanufacturing model is designed to offer tailored solutions for each plant, whether onsite or offsite, for the production and supply of our enzymes to our customers," explained Mr. Ramachandrappa. "This flexibility caters to both large and small-scale operations, streamlining processes, reducing inventory, and boosting efficiency. It adapts to fluctuating demands and maximizes resource utilization."

EN3ZYME technology exemplifies Fermbox Bio's global collaborative model for product development and manufacturing. Co-developed with Dyadic International Inc., USA, and co-manufactured with BBGI Public Limited Company, Thailand, EN3ZYME production will be co-located at an existing 1G ethanol plant. This approach leverages global synergies, resulting in significant efficiencies in capital invested and operational costs.

"EN3ZYME has transformative potential in renewable biofuels and sustainable synthetic biology products. This collaboration marks a significant step in creating impactful, sustainable energy solutions," said Mark Emalfarb, CEO of Dyadic International.

Adding to this, Mr. Kittiphong Limsuwannarot, CEO of BBGI Public Company Limited (a joint venture partner with Fermbox Bio), said, "We're excited to be a consortium partner with Fermbox Bio in co-manufacturing EN3ZYME, a cellulose hydrolysis enzyme cocktail. This scalable, cost-effective solution will transform 2G ethanol production while prioritizing resource efficiency, energy security, and sustainability."

Beyond Ethanol: The Multidimensional Potential of the Enzyme Cocktail

While primarily aimed at the ethanol industry, EN3ZYME's applications extend beyond 2G ethanol production. It provides a cost-efficient, alternative carbon feedstock for developing novel proteins and biomaterials via precision fermentation, reducing reliance on conventional sugar sources that compete with food production.

"EN3ZYME's ability to transform non-food, agri-based residues into high-value cellulosic sugars marks a pivotal step towards a circular bioeconomy," shared Dr. Ling Hua, former SVP of Clariant Biotechnology.

Industry veteran in Enzyme Tech, Jay Shetty adds "We're thrilled to see Fermbox Bio advancing resource optimization with EN3ZYME. This innovative enzyme cocktail transforms waste into a valuable resource, paving the way for a greener future.

About Fermbox Bio

Fermbox Bio, founded in 2022 by biotech entrepreneurs Subramani Ramachandrappa and Preeti Dharmagoudar, is a synthetic biology research and manufacturing company, headquartered in India with presence in USA and Thailand. They develop and deliver sustainable Synbio products and solutions by leveraging precision fermentation and synthetic biology.

Fermbox Bio's innovative solutions reduce supply chain risks associated with unsustainable resources such as forest reserves, animals, and petrochemicals. Their ethical, regulatory-compliant products, designed to address industry challenges, promote sustainability across sectors like energy (biofuels), cosmeceuticals, flavors and fragrances, colors and dyes, and food.

Leveraging their expertise in expression platforms, product development, manufacturing, and commercialization, Fermbox Bio accelerates market entry with a 'lab-to-launch' system that boosts scalability and cost efficiency. Their collaborative co-manufacturing model tackles the challenges of scaling up in the sustainable synthetic biology markets.

For more information on Fermbox Bio's focus areas or to explore collaboration and partnership opportunities, please visit our website at or contact us at .

Contact Information

For more details about EN3ZYME or to arrange an interaction with Fermbox Bio representatives, please contact:
Neelima Dandapat
Head Communications


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