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Five MIT Students Have Solved a Universally Annoying Problem

Alyson Shontell

It's impossible to get every last drop out of a bottle, whether it contains ketchup, mustard or jelly. Until now.

Five MIT students: Dave Smith, Rajeev Dhiman, Adam Paxson, Brian Solomon, and Chris Love, along with their professor, Kripa Varanasi, have made a major breakthrough. Last spring, they invented LiquiGlide, an edible, plant-based coating that can be placed on any surface, from glass to ceramics. Liquid-based products that encounter the surfaces will slip right off, whether it's ketchup in a bottle or rain on a jacket.

We wrote about LiquiGlide when it was first introduced in May, but now the product has been named one of Time's Best Inventions of 2012 and we're still impressed. It also came in second in MIT's $100,000 Entrepreneurship Competition.

Here's a video of the product in action. Mayonnaise is no match for LiquiGlide:

Neither is ketchup:

How about jelly? Nope.

And hair gel? Pfft.