Galactic Arena Now Making New Partnerships with P2E Online Gaming Communities and Growing Rapidly

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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Galactic Arena, the NFTverse conducted its IDO at the end of October with Poolz, and followed it up with an IAO with ApeSwap on the 4th of November, and to top it off, listed its native token on GATE.IO and on MEXC, all within 3 weeks of its release date back in NOV 2021. This combination brought an exciting roar in the GameFi industry as this project is backed by huge Investments from Poolz Ventures and OIG. Other investors have also joined in on the action. Galactic Arena is the first of its kind gaming platform where players can battle each other in real time, and earn crypto. It also gives players the option to connect their gaming NFTs from external sources (other games) with the ecosystem and play. This is the first time this capability has been introduced into GameFi, and this is the first project that was able to implement it.

The game has two game modes, the Carnival and the Cage. The Carnival (PVE) is a luck-based game where users can spin the wheel to earn crypto. They can upgrade their characters to increase their chances of winning higher rewards, and also win in-game rewards. On the other hand, the Cage is a PVP battle mode where you can place wagers on player vs. player battles happening in real-time and earn crypto. You can earn BNB, BUSD, or GAN.

The play-to-earn space has seen exponential growth in the past 2 years, and gaming NFTs have been generating substantial revenues for their owners. As a result, this has greatly increased the creation of these NFT characters, as more users start to enter the GameFi space to earn a regular monthly income due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had on their regular jobs.

Despite this high demand, many gaming NFTs are tied to their native gaming platforms. Galactic Arena: The NFTverse is designed to break this trend as it allows users to import gaming NFTs from other games into their ecosystem. Once imported, users can interact as natives and upgrade and battle when they want, while always maintaining ownership of their NFT. GA's unique algorithm (running in the CAGE mode) ensures that the wagers placed within the game are fair and equitable to entice users from different NFT gaming platforms into the ecosystem. The team is currently working on adding characters from more than 25 different games so that players can continue to earn revenue from their NFTs, even if their native platforms have gone obsolete / have lost their earning potential.

The native token of the ecosystem is the $GAN token. $GAN token is a BEP-20 token with a total supply of 1 billion. It will be used for making any purchases, upgrades, or entering any PvP battles(tax). You can also stake the token to earn a bonus.

Galactic Arena has partnered with the right industry leaders. Its partners include: CoinMarketCap, Poolz, Binance Smart Chain, Solid Group, Ninja Promo, Ape Swap, OIG, The lighthouse Ventures, SS Ventures, Milky Way Ventures, Astrox, MEXC (CEX) and GATE.IO (CEX). New partners include: Vendil Gaming Guild, Chihua Token, and currently the team are in talks with LAToken exchange and a few other potential partners, and have plans to expand more in the near future.

The team has been working on the gamification of NFTs, and the first set of NFTs for gamification will be the APESWAP NFTs currently on sale on The team is also working with other sets of NFTs and bringing them into the Arena to be used by everyone.

To ensure transparency and assurance for users, the project token has been audited by SOLID GROUP. The official report is available here:

The game is currently live, and the team are making partnerships with gaming communities to increase user base, and this has worked out great for the use case of the token.

About Galactic Arena: The NFTverse

Galactic Arena: The NFTverse is a play to earn NFT based game on the Binance Smart Chain. Their goal is to create an 'Arena' where NFTs from different games will be able to connect with and operate within the local environment (The ARENA). Inter-connecting these NFTs scattered across different games and bringing them into one place will help retain their inherent value, even if their native game becomes obsolete.

The team has completed KYC procedures and is doxxed.

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