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I've learnt to set boundaries, says Matt Goss

·2-min read

Matt Goss has "learnt to set boundaries" in his personal life.
The 53-year-old singer - who is dating jewellery designer Chantal Brown - admits his approach to life has changed over recent years and he now refuses "to be anyone's punching bag".
Matt reflected: "I've learnt to set boundaries. If there's an argument, for example, I'll let the argument be. I will not always be the one who will call back or try to find an immediate resolution."
Matt shot to fame alongside his twin brother Luke in the pop group Bros.
And despite the success they've enjoyed together, Matt admits to being distinctly different from his twin.
He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Me and my brother could not be more different. We are different in the way we are, the way we dress, the music we listen to.
"Luke's more of a rocker kind of guy. I like George Michael, love Amy Winehouse, love soul.
"Yes, we're identical twins but we don't even really look exactly the same any more."
Matt admits that he's actually being trying to establish his own identity throughout his life.
He shared: "As a twin, when you're younger, you pine for your own identity. I can give you an absurd example - I broke my wrist when I was a kid. When I went to school I was asked: 'Did Luke break his wrist as well?;
"I think there is definitely sediment [in our relationship] from the past. Sometimes the sediment is at the bottom of the bottle and the water is beautifully clear, then there's a little shake and that sediment muddies the water again.
"Maybe there's been a sense of like ... I still don't quite know, if I'm honest. I've just been doing my thing. He's been doing his thing."