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Joey Graziadei Worries About 'Being an Idiot' with Decisions He Makes Ahead of “Bachelor” Hometowns

Also on Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor,' one woman told the tennis pro that they weren't falling for him just yet

<p>Disney/Gizelle Hernandez</p> Joey Graziadei

Disney/Gizelle Hernandez

Joey Graziadei

Things got rocky for Joey Graziadei in the Canadian Rockies.

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. Joey, 28 had to decide who he’d bring to hometowns after hanging out in Jasper, Canada.

He started out with a second one-on-one date with Daisy.

“I feel like I am falling for Daisy,” Joey said in an on-camera interview, noting that Daisy was the only one of the remaining women who hadn’t expressed to him how she felt.

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Their date started the horseback riding with steeds Thunder and Ellie. “I can see this growing into a love and her being someone I can spend a life with,” Joey told the cameras.

Daisy and Joey rode up to a hot tub and jumped in. The account executive, 25, found that the Alberta landscape reminded her of home in Minnesota. “Something about the energy, it makes me excited,” Daisy said to Joey.

<p>Richard Middlesworth/Disney</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Daisy

Richard Middlesworth/Disney

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Daisy

Despite her excitement, Daisy didn’t feel head over heels for Joey just yet. “I’m not like, in love with him yet,” Daisy said to the cameras.

Later, during the evening portion of their date, Joey asked Daisy where her feelings stood.

“If I’m being like 100 percent transparent and honest, which I want to be, I really, really like you,” Daisy began. “But like, am I there yet? No. The thing is, I can see us being so great together. And I can see myself falling in love with you, if I’m being honest.”

To the cameras, Joey called Daisy’s response “scary” and “not what I want.”

“I just want you to feel confident for me to meet them, even if you’re not there yet,” he said to Daisy.

Daisy explained that, given how her family supported her during her health struggles, she knew they’d be looking to a potential partner of hers to do the same if she ran into issues again.

“If it is us at the end, it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m accepting all sides of you,” Joey said.

Joey decided to give Daisy a rose and bring her to hometowns. “I’ve always appreciated your honesty and your realness,” Joey said. “And what you said didn’t scare me.”

They ended the night ice skating. “I did not expect this to feel this way,” Daisy told the cameras. “This is nuts. I’m falling. I think it’s happening.”


Jenn, Kelsey T., Rachel and Maria went on this week’s group date, which consisted of learning to become lumberjills (the female version of a lumberjack).

Rachel, 26, grew up woodworking so she felt confident, but Maria found herself out her element. “I don’t usually do the outdoors,” the executive assistant, 29, said.

After learning the basics of chopping wood, the ladies changed into flannel and competed to become the Lumber Queen, participating in challenges like a single buck cut and an elk milk chug. Rachel did the latter despite being lactose intolerant.

Kelsey T., 31, ended up winning the competition, but Jenn, 25, snagged an extra kiss from Joey when she interrupted one of his confessional interviews in front of the other women. “Are you for real right now?” Rachel wondered aloud.

At the afterparty, the women shared how they felt about Joey’s other connections. “It is what it is,” Kelsey T., said to Joey of him having feelings for multiple women. “I’m at peace with that at this point.”

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Rachel showed Joey a picture of her parents in order to “soft launch” hometowns. “I love how confident you are about me,” Joey responded.

Maria struggled with seeing Joey with the other women. “Hometowns means so much to me and I haven’t introduced anyone to my family unless I start dating them,” Maria said to Joey. “Knowing that I’m going into it with you not being mine, at first, I was like, I want him to experience every girl in here so, when he ends up with me, it means more. But the reality is that you have connections with the other women.”

Joey responded, “You always discredit what we have, what we could have.”

Maria told the tennis pro that the way he interacts with the other women “doesn’t sit right with me” and, as a result, “I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

Maria stepped away and chatted with a producer. When she returned to Joey, Maria told him she “just had a little moment” and “overreacted.”

<p>Disney/Richard Middlesworth</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Maria

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Maria

“I accept that side of you,” Joey said. “You’re here because I love that side of you, too. I think it makes you who you are.”

Maria apologized and told she wanted to stay. But Joey felt unsure. “Am I just being an idiot?” he asked the cameras. “Am I investing in these women that maybe don’t see it with me?”

Joey informed all of the women he couldn’t give out the group date rose because “I need more time.”


Kelsey A. received the final one-on-one before hometowns. She and Joey explored Jasper, popping into a souvenir shop to try on bucket hats and sunglasses and then stopping for hot cocoa.

While grabbing beers at a local bar, one of the patrons told Joey and Kelsey A., 25, about an upcoming polar plunge in Jasper. She instantly wanted to partake, but Joey had some reservations.

“There’s not a lot of meat on these bones, so I get cold pretty easily,” Joey said to the cameras.

Kelsey A. won out, and she and Joey partook in the Jasper Polar Plunge Palooza.

“I was freezing,” Joey said in an on-camera interview afterwards. “I would’ve been in and out in a second if it was just myself.”

<p>Disney/Richard Middlesworth</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Kelsey A.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Kelsey A.

Over dinner later, Kelsey told Joey how she felt about taking the plunge with him. “The polar plunge was scary, but telling you that I’m starting to fall for you is even scarier,” the junior project manager admitted.

While discussing the family members who Joey might meet during Kelsey A.’s hometown, she started crying talking about her dad. “I’m like, so thankful that he really stepped up,” she gushed.

Joey told Kelsey A. he thought her dad sounded “like one amazing man.” In a confessional, Joey called his conversation with Kelsey A. the “best conversation we’ve ever had.”

Accordingly, Joey extended a rose to Kelsey A. “I want to meet your dad,” he said. “He sounds like an amazing man who’s been there for you and created such an amazing woman.”


Host Jesse Palmer let the women know that Joey chose to cancel the night’s cocktail party and head straight to the rose ceremony.

At the start of the rose ceremony, Joey told the women, “This week has challenged me. The idea of sending two of you home tonight, it crushes me. But finding your person isn’t easy and I’m here to find my wife. I’m really, really confident that she’s in this room tonight.”

Joey asked to speak with Maria before handing out the roses.

“Last time I left you, you were on your way out, and I don’t want to be sitting here and begging you to stay,” Joey said to Maria. “I want to feel confident that you want to be here.”

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Maria tried to assure him of that. “I like you a lot, to the point where I don’t like seeing you with any of these girls, you know?” she responded. “My insecurities got the best of me and that’s where that stemmed from. But I’m here and I want to be here.”

That answer sufficed for Joey, who proceeded to give Maria a rose when they rejoined the group for the rose ceremony. He gave Rachel a rose, too, meaning Kelsey T. and Jenn would be the ones leaving ahead of hometowns.

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