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Judge Seals ‘Bitcoin Inventor’ Craig Wright’s Satoshi Documents

Samantha Chang
A judge sealed the list of bitcoin holdings that self-proclaimed

By CCN Markets: Florida judge Bruce Reinhart sealed the list of bitcoin holdings that self-proclaimed “Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright was compelled to submit on June 17 pursuant to an order he issued last week.

Unfortunately for curious followers of this bizarre legal drama, this means that the crypto-sphere will have to wait a little longer before they can see proof of Wright’s claims that he’s the inventor of bitcoin.

Court Seals 'Bitcoin Inventor' Craig Wright's Satoshi Verification Documents

A judge sealed the files that Craig Wright submitted to prove that he is bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. | Source: U.S.

Judge Directed Craig Wright to Show Proof

As CCN reported, Judge Reinhart ordered Wright to produce a list of all the bitcoin he mined prior to Dec. 31, 2013. Reinhart made the ruling in response to a motion filed in March 2019 by the estate of computer genius Dave Kleiman.

Kleiman was a colleague and friend of Craig Wright until his untimely death in 2013. Kleiman’s estate claims that Wright stole Kleiman’s share of the 1.1 million bitcoin they had mined together between 2009 and 2013.

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