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Kelly Ripa's Daughter Says Her Mom Told Her the Paparazzi Were 'Bird Watchers' When She Was Younger

"I was very aware of it," Lola Consuelos says to her mom of the paparazzi

<p>Taylor Hill/WireImage</p>

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Kelly Ripa's daughter is revealing how her family would deal with the paparazzi when she was younger.

While appearing on her mom's podcast, Sirius XM's Let's Talk Off Camera, Lola Consuelos, 22, opened up about how aware she was made aware of the paparazzi when she was little, saying that Ripa used to call them something else in order to trick her kids.

"And so, I became hypervigilant in making sure that we were very mindful of our P's and Q's," Ripa, 52, says to her daughter.

"Of course. In public," Consuelos says.


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"You were also really good with photographers. The two of you would talk to them, 'I'm with my family,'" Albert Bianchini, Ripa's producer, chimes in.

"Photographers were not the issue. It was what would happen after those pictures. The negative take that was always certainly in the New York City tabloids and you and me and we and dad, we were relentlessly pursued and it was a different time than it is now," Ripa tells her daughter.

"Right," Consuelos responds. "Were you cognizant of any of that or not really, you were too young to notice?" Ripa asks.

"Of what? Of which? The paparazzi?" Consuelos asks.

"Were you aware of paparazzi?" Ripa responds.

"I was very aware of it, and I always tell this to people because I say I think you and Dad did the best job of raising us with that type of stuff because we knew what was going on, but you always told us that it was something else," Consuelos reveals.

"Like when you would pick us up when we'd walk home from school, I'd be like, 'There's people taking photos of us,' and you're like, 'They're taking photos of the birds,'" she recalls.

"I used the old bird watchers, 'They're bird watchers.'" Ripa shares.

"'Mom, they're really not, they're not taking photos of the birds. I promise you. They're taking photos of us,' " Consuelos recounts. "And you were like, 'They're just taking photos of the birds, like it's not a big deal.'"

"I think if you had made it a big deal and would've reacted to it, obviously we would've reacted to it as well, but because you literally did not care and still don't, we do not care and we didn't care and we still don't care, which is why if someone comes up to you, if we're having dinner and a fan comes up to you and asks for a picture, it doesn't even register."

"It's just time passes and we continue, like let's just say I'm talking to you and a fan comes up and asks for a picture. I'll wait for five seconds and continue my story," Consuelos says.

Ripa shares her three kids — sons Joaquin, 20, and Michael, 26, and daughter Lola – with her husband Mark Consuelos, 52.

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