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Kristen Stewart recalls being an 'inside-out person'

·2-min read

Kristen Stewart was "a little inside-out person" before she starred in the 'Twilight' franchise.
The 31-year-old actress shot to international stardom in the money-spinning film franchise, and Kristen admits that the experience transformed her life.
The Hollywood star - who played the part of Bella Swan in the films - said: "When I started doing that movie, I was 17 and I was just a little inside-out person. I was walking around with all my blood on the outside of my body."
Kristen's attitude towards her own career has evolved over time.
The actress now thinks she actually "working harder" than she did during her younger years.
She told Variety: "When you get older, there are times where you feel self-protective. You’re a little less skinless, and it’s about finding the right projects and finding different pathways into accessing emotion. I used to just harness anxiety. I find now that I’m working harder than I did when I was younger.
"The skinless thing worked for me for a while, but now I have to build something, versus fielding every ball and being fully subject to my environment."
Earlier this month, Kristen admitted the 'Twilight' franchise now feels "incredibly far away".
The actress starred in the movies between 2009 and 2012, and Kristen recently discovered that the movies are now available on Netflix.
She said: "I saw that it's on Netflix, and I was like, 'Oh, it's on Netflix,' like it was on there while I was looking through.
"Dude, it's weird because it feels incredibly far away and also still not that far away from me and my time in this film. I don't know, like, on one hand you're like, 'Oh, I'm old, my God, I did this five minutes ago, now it's like ten-year anniversary.' I'm like, wow, I have to go to my high school anniversary already."

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