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Madeline Argy opens up on breakup from Central Cee for first time

madeline argy on central cee split
Madeline Argy on Central Cee splitGetty Images

Madeline Argy, 23, has opened up about her split from rapper Central Cee, 25, for the first time, claiming she was the one to end their relationship.

While appearing on Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast earlier this week (27th September), the TikToker told Alex she was the one who "made the final call" to end their relationship.

Madeline and Central Cee had been in an "entanglement" for two years, but kept their relationship largely private with the pair sharing select photos and videos of each other on social media.

Rumours of the pair's breakup began circulating earlier this month after Central Cee performed on stage and the DJ accompanying him announced to the crowd: "You know Central Cee is single by the way."

madeline argy on central cee split
Instagram @madelineargy

During the interview on Call Her Daddy, Madeline acknowledged the pair had both known they needed to breakup for a while, but neither of them did anything about it as they were both "obsessed" with each other.


"It was hard because we both were a little bit obsessed with each other. It was a lot of back and forth and like, kind of in a fun, toxic way when you’re like, oh god, this needs to end, but f**k it, let’s go on one more trip together or let’s have one more night," she explained.

Madeline admitted it was talking to a friend about her relationship which made her realise she needed to end things.

She said: "I told her something and from that point, I was like, 'OK, I have no choice. This relationship has to end now'."

madeline argy on central cee split
Getty Images

During the Call Her Daddy podcast Madeline also denied the rumours their relationship was for "PR", adding: "The thing that nobody actually believes is that it wasn’t PR. If it was PR I probably would’ve posted him more than three f**king times. We kept it secret for quite a while.”

Madeline also revealed the last time the pair saw each other was at Olivia Rodrigo's dinner with the Face in August this year. Madeline explained there was "tension" with herself and Central Cee.

"The last time I saw him was actually Olivia Rodrigo’s dinner party, that was the last time I ever saw him. And there was definitely some sensed tensions at that, but we’d gone to the dinner together, and I think I could kinda see people’s reactions at the dinner table, like, ‘Oof something’s going on.'," she explained.

However, she concluded by saying she wishes Central Cee nothing but the best and touched on the exciting moment his career is at.

"He is in such an exciting part of his life and I’m so happy for him. This is a huge – everything he’s doing is huge, everything is exciting," she said.

Here's hoping both are doing OK following the breakup.

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