Malala Noraddin develops a life-changing book based on self-help.

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Malala Noraddin is a practising clinical psychologist. Due to her expertise and in-depth knowledge of spirituality and psychology, she has developed a life-changing book based on Self-help for her readers.

Ewa Beach, Oahu, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Malala Noraddin is a clinical psychologist who develops therapy resources for people without the appropriate mental health knowledge., her in-depth understanding of human behaviour has led her to develop many theories regarding the human psyche. She believes it's difficult for people to understand the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness. It is one of the key elements to living a balanced and happier life.  
In addition, she has also profoundly studied spirituality, and her patients get advice on healing their spiritual side while working on their mental problems. Due to such impressive knowledge of spirituality and mental health, anything that Malala writes comes from experience and understanding of the people around her.

In the first book, "GIVE ME 15 MIN", Malala wrote a mix between a journal and a self-help book. It encouraged and advised people on how they could improve their lives and become more self-aware. For her second book, the writer has taken a different route and is working on a sci-fi book set in a future over 100 years from now, on a distant planet that humans inhabit.
Despite the book being entirely fiction, the story addresses multiple real-life concerns that many people across the globe face. It reflects current-day society; their emotions, attitude towards laws, and sympathy for others are discussed beautifully in the book that will soon be out this year. Malala has penned down her thoughts from her heart as she observed the state of the world, especially during the pandemic, where a lot of people became highly selfish, while many were also generous and heroic beyond words.
The first book that Malala wrote emboldened people on a personal level as they fought inner battles and evolved into a better version of themselves. On the other hand, it challenges the norms that people have now accepted as part of human nature when they are decisions by some people in power who control a large population. It may seem like light-hearted reading but can shine a different light on world events when one looks at the deeper meaning of it all.
Subjective topics such as the rights of the human body, abortion, and the value of choosing one's path are all presented in Malala's fictional world. By the end of this year, people will have a much different perspective of life when they can read this stunning sci-fi novel. They will finally see that there are things they collectively need to stand up for, movements they must support and follow. 
Malala Noraddin has already given way to her clients and people, in general, a way to destress and live a happier life. However, her upcoming book is set to make this world a much better place where people will care about others just as much as they care for themselves.

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