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Man Marks 3 Years Since He Was Crushed Under a Forklift Requiring Half His Body to Be Amputated hed: Man and His Wife Mark 3 Years Since He was Cut in Half by a Forklift hed: Man and His Wife Mark 3 Years Since He was Cut in Half by a Forklift


A man who needed to have half his body amputated after a forklift accident three years ago is looking back with his wife at how far he has come.

In a video shared on their YouTube channel on Tuesday, Loren Schauers and his wife Sabia Schauers-Reiche shared a compilation video of how their lives have changed since that terrible day on Sept. 27, 2019, when the forklift he was driving plunged off a bridge in Montana, crushing him.

The couple spliced roughly 13 hours of footage captured over the years into a 57-minute video.

The video began in 2019 when Loren, then just 19, was receiving treatment via rehab after undoing a hemicorporectomy. He explained at the time that he was traveling 2.5 hours to work.

"Since my supervisor took a liking to me he asked me to do practically everything he wanted done," Loren said in the throwback clip. "So my boss asked me to grab the forklift, drag it across, and move the water barrier back into position. I never got trained to even drive a forklift."

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Sabia recalled getting the first call about Loren's accident, stating that she was initially told it was minor before being informed he was in surgery. Four hours later, she was told he was being airlifted to another hospital after "he lost blood flow to his legs."

"His pelvis was essentially — they were unable to save it. They didn't know how to save him."

He underwent a life-saving hemicorporectomy operation where the bottom half of his body was amputated. He also lost an arm.

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The couple went on to share footage of their journey, showing Loren's condition and his attempt to adjust in rehab and physical therapy.

In a clip that dates back to 2020, Loren candidly said, "Everyone wants to see the world from Loren's perspective but nobody wants to be in Loren's position."

The pair posted clips of Sabia sharing how he dresses Loren, helps him into his wheelchair and changes his bandages.

She reiterated that she is not a medical professional and that their video should not serve as a tutorial.

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Also in 2020, Sabia said they moved into an apartment with an extra room that Loren uses as his gaming room.

"We get a lot more us time away from each other," she said.

Loren then shared that he also got a new bionic arm.

"It's a prosthetic arm, of course, but it gives you whole function in each individual digit. So Loren will be able to move each finger on its own."

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Sabia then revealed that she first heard about the arm on social media, and urged their followers to tag the company so Loren could get the bionic arm.

"I cried when I saw the arm. I was like 'You deserve this arm,' " she said.

As for what Loren was looking forward to, he said, "I'll be able to hold your hand walking down the street. And be able to actually feel."

They also shared moments from their wedding day, which took place in February 2021.

The video wrapped with the couple's latest video, posted earlier this year, after the couple moved into their new home.

Ending the montage, Loren and Sabia finished by thanking those who have been following their videos on YouTube and TokTok.

"It has been a long and wild journey and we can't wait to see where else thinks life will take us and we hope we can continue taking you all along with us."