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Mom’s list of things her 4-year-old is upset about is absolutely hilarious

list of things 4 year old is upset about
kristen.cook.kac/ Instagram

If you have a toddler then you know how hilarious they can be. They’re too young to have developed a social filter but just old enough to express how they really feel.

Kristin Cook makes relatable videos about mom life. Her recent video is going viral on social media because of the hysterically funny list she has about all of the things her four-year-old is upset about.

“I gave birth to her in a hospital. She asked where I gave birth to her, I said a hospital and she was mad because she wanted me to have birth at a Target. That way she could have a cake pop right away.”

Cook’s video, captioned “parenting is not for the weak,” truly captures the essence of that statement because the list just gets more and more outrageous as it goes on.

“I wouldn’t let her climb in the oven with the french fries, while they’re cooking,” she continues. Which, to be honest, I get it because it sounds like a warm hug. Disregarding the fact that it’s obviously dangerous and not recommended.

“She said happy birthday and I said oh thanks so much but it’s not my birthday. And she was so pissed. I almost planned a fake one that evening.”

Her daughter is clearly not one to be trifled one—as are ALL toddlers. These little humans run your entire world and sometimes they make so much sense. The way her little four-year-old mind connected having a cake pop right after birth because she’d conveniently be at a Target—I wouldn’t have been surprised if she also mentioned picking out her favorite stuffie. Don’t we all deserve a cake pop after birth? It’s really the least they could do.

Cook’s list goes on and, of course, every single thing her toddler is mad about is absolutely hilarious. Makes you wonder how the list changes from week to week. What does your toddler get irrationally upset about?

Cook’s video is going viral and it’s easy to see why. The comments are also flooded with other relatable parenting moments.

“My toddler didn’t talk to me all day because I wouldn’t let the dog drive him to day care.”

“My daughter was upset because she not the first born person of the family the ENTIRE family???”

“My 4 year old was mad at me this morning because it wasn’t snowing. He cried for almost an hour. We live in Southern California.”

“My toddler was upset with me because she wanted to take a nap with the fish. Out of the tank. In the bed with her.”