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Never Have I Ever fans share same complaint about season 3's ending

Never Have I Ever season 3 dropped on Netflix on Friday [12th August], and fans have already binge-watched the whole thing in one weekend. And while many have been taking to social media to share compilations of their favourite moments, others have been complaining about the major cliffhanger things ended on.

*Spoilers* The final episode joins the cast during the last day of school at Sherman Oaks, where they're all discovering their graduation results and planning for senior year.

After Principal Grubbs tells Devi (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) she got into a special one-year program at the Shrubland School, a boarding school in Colorado, Ben (Jaren Lewison) reveals he doesn't want her to go because he'll miss her. She then thanks him for all that he's taught her, before having a realisation that she wants to live in the moment more.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Eventually, she turns up at Ben's house, handing him the old note he gave her for "One Free Boink." Though he's surprised, the pair hare a kiss, before the door closes and season three ends.

Fans are livid with the cliffhanger, not least because they want to know what the future holds for the pair. As one put it, "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! JUST FINISHED SEASON 3 OF NEVER HAVE I EVER AND ALL I CAN SAY IS THERE BETTER BE A SEASON 4 TO MAKE UP FOR THAT LAST SCENE CAUSE I NEED TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT FOR THEM!"

Someone else said, "I just spent like 5 hours of my life watching Never Have I Ever FOR THAT ENDING??????" and "The ending of Never Have I Ever season 3 pissed me off. Ur telling me I binge watched it for 5 hours for her to end up with some YT guy?? Who agreed to go on a date with another girl?? My head hurts."

Others were more satisfied with how things turned out though, writing, "Who has finished Never Have I Ever and is also screaming over the ending because Y E S" and "I just stayed up and watched all of Never Have I Ever and the ending is so satisfying. I'm so happy with it."

Can't please them all!

Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.

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