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Nick Sirianni's 3 Kids: All About the Eagles Coach's Family

Nick Sirianni kids
Nick Sirianni kids

Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Sirianni might be a fierce coach on the field, but at home, he's your typical dad.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach has three kids: Jacob, 7, Taylor, 5, and Miles, 2, whom he shares with his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell.

The coach first met Cantwell in 2010 in Kansas City. He was an offensive quality control coach for the Kansas City Chiefs at the time — his first position in the NFL — while Cantwell had moved to Kansas City to start her own career as a teacher. The couple married in 2013.

Sirianni was named head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. Now, in his second season with the team, Sirianni has led the Eagles to the Super Bowl where they will face off against his former team, the Chiefs.

Following the Chiefs' win in their AFC championship game, Sirianni spoke about his connection to the city in a news conference. "I met my wife there," he said. "When you have something as significant as meeting your wife there in that city, that place, that time frame, that city is always going to carry a special place in my heart because of that."

He went on to say, "Kansas City is a great town," adding, "We really enjoyed our time there. My wife had a lot of friends there. I made some good friends there, as well, none of which I would assume are rooting for us or our family [next] weekend, but that's OK."

During another press conference, Sirianni was joined by his three children to discuss the Eagles' NFC win. And although he is Super Bowl bound, the head coach was still on dad duty, helping his young kids get situated before speaking to the press and telling them to "stop" and "look forward" when they started to misbehave.

Here is everything to know about Nick Sirianni's kids.

Jacob Sirianni, 7

Nick Sirianni kids
Nick Sirianni kids

Philadelphia Eagles

Sirianni welcomed his first child, Jacob Sirianni, in 2015 while he was coaching for the San Diego Chargers.

It's no surprise that Jacob is a fan of sports, but instead of football, he plays baseball. Despite his busy coaching schedule, Sirianni does his best to participate in his son's Little League team.

"I've gotten to my share of games," Sirianni told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "I told my wife, 'I finally have a hobby,' " explaining that, even during football season, he's been able to spend time with his family at home.

On the field, Sirianni is known for his animated sideline antics, but with his kids, he's careful not to be too tough. In the same interview, he shared that he doesn't want to push Jacob into sports.

Still, he tries to offer his son some coaching wisdom from time to time, reminding Jacob that he is a professional coach. But, as Jacob likes to tell him, "not [for] baseball."

Taylor Sirianni, 5

Nick Sirianni kids
Nick Sirianni kids

Philadelphia Eagles

Sirianni's daughter, Taylor Sirianni, was born in 2017, almost two years after her brother.

Sirianni's kids have joined him at multiple press conferences over the years. During one in August 2022, he was asked if he could compare each of their personalities to players on the team.

In response, he said his youngest was like "Miles Sanders" while Jacob was "TJ Edwards." As for Taylor, he paused, saying, "she's got a lot of personality," before agreeing with a reporter who suggested Darius Slay.

Her personality really stole the show, though, during a pre-Super Bowl press conference in January 2023. Bringing all three kids to the podium with him, Sirianni instructed them on where to stand. Taylor, however, objected to standing, so Jacob offered her his seat.

"My man. Good job," Sirianni said to Jacob before telling reporters, "Gave up a seat for his little sister. That was pretty special."

While Sirianni spoke to the press, Taylor started to get a little restless and pretty soon, the 5-year-old began mimicking her dad's facial expressions and hand gestures.

"Taylor, stop it," Sirianni said once he noticed the antics. The moment quickly went viral, though.

The NFL shared a video clip on Instagram, writing, "Taylor Sirianni is a whole mood 😎," while NBC Philly captioned the moment, "Nick Sirianni just made the Super Bowl but he still has to be a Dad too 😂😂."

During a press conference on Jan. 31, a reporter joked about the viral incident, saying, "I hope Taylor is enjoying her newfound fame," to which the proud dad smiled and laughed.

Miles Sirianni, 2

Nick Sirianni kids
Nick Sirianni kids

Philadelphia Eagles

Sirianni's youngest child, son Miles Sirianni, was born in 2020, just one year before Sirianni was hired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Miles and his two older siblings were in the stands when Sirianni and the Eagles clinched their spot in Super Bowl LVII. Following the game, the kids joined their father on the field to celebrate, as seen in a TikTok shared by NBC Sports. Miles could be seen rolling around in confetti before jumping up and down and running across the field.

In another adorable clip, Sirianni spoke to the press while holding his younger son. "Miles Sanders is our number one back, there ain't no question about it," he said with enthusiasm. Reacting to his dad's loud voice, Miles looked up at him before Sirianni gave him a kiss, making the 2-year-old giggle.