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Merry Cryptmas: The festive knit you can buy with bitcoin

·2-min read
NotJust's Christmas offering. Image: NotJust
NotJust's Christmas offering. Photo: NotJust

A volatile investment is probably not something people thought would ever be incorporated into the Christmas story, but as crypto trading reached fever pitch over the past year, perhaps it was inevitable.

As the festive season rolls around, a new crypto-themed Christmas jumper has hit the market as part of Notjust's first recycled collection.

The new knit comes from the company that brought jumpers emblazoned with David Attenborough's face reading "Attenbrrrr!" and a half Union Jack, half EU flag jumper suitable for any uncle with the slogan "Merry Brexmas".

On the latest jumper there are slogans such as HODL, FUD as well as bitcoin (BTC-USD) and ethereum (ETH-USD) logos. The back of the jumper features Santa riding a topsy, turvy crypto graph "to the moon", all finished off with Christmas detailing throughout.

The company has also set up payments with crypto for the new garment using Coinbase Commerce which includes currencies such as etherium, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, DAI, and USDC.

Creators of the jumper said that it is selling well in Switzerland, the UK and the US, with a pair of bitcoin themed socks also in the pipeline.

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"Crypto has solidified in position in our culture and whether you love or it hate it it’s not going away so you may as well embrace it and say it loud and proud with this limited edition festive knit this Christmas," said Matt Clarke, Notjust co-founder.

Notjust is a registered social enterprise based in London. Since starting out in 2017, its campaigns have raised over £70,000 ($93,000) for charities including Save the Children, Kicking Off and The Trussell Trust.

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