Kraft's Oscar Mayer taps into nostalgia, self-care with Bologna beauty mask

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For the nostalgic consumer that remembers biting three holes into a slice of bologna as a kid, Kraft Heinz's (KHC) Oscar Mayer wants to "pay homage" to that childhood traditions with a limited-edition offering...that's not actually edible.

The brand best known for meats and cold cuts is offering a bologna-inspired face mask, taking the new year's resolution of self-care to the next level. It's part of a partnership with Korean beauty and skincare company Seoul Mamas, creating a rejuvenating face mask that resembles a slice of the childhood lunch meat.

Not to be confused with the cold cut best enjoyed with cheese and bread, the hydrogel mask will be available for purchase on Amazon (AMZN) for five dollars, while supplies last, beginning on January 19th.

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy bringing levity to things that have gotten too serious, and beauty is a ripe territory to playfully subvert,” Oscar Mayer noted in the release.

"This is the latest in our brand movement to create work that feels more like pop-art and less like traditional commercial advertising – inspired by the old, modernized for today," the company added.

(Courtesy: Oscar Mayer)
(Courtesy: Oscar Mayer)

Recently, the food giant has been gaining attention for wild one-off collaborations, including Macaroni & Cheese ice cream and Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese that have proven unexpected hits with segments of the buying public. Many of these often shameless plays for publicity tap into a rich vein for novelty, and sell out quickly with consumers.

In the beginning of 2021, CEO Miguel Patricio told Yahoo Finance "we are transforming the company, and we are enjoying every single step of it...We are stronger, confident, and we know what we have to build."

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