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Poor Westpac advice cost dream retirement


Westpac admits a senior financial planner gave poor advice to a couple that cost them their dream retirement.

Jacqueline McDowall and her husband ended up losing their home after trying to use superannuation funds to buy a bed and breakfast.

Ms McDowall told her story to the banking royal commission on Thursday after being "led up the garden path".

"I just feel through this horrible situation through the Westpac bank, the advice that we were given, a bank that's a big bank that I've been with for 16 years, for them to do that to their customers is absolutely and utterly disgusting.

"I hope no one ever has to go through it again."

Michael Wright, an executive in Westpac's wealth management division BT Finance, said the advice was poor.

"It's very clear this was not a viable strategy for the McDowalls," he told the commission.

"I'm sure the McDowalls were passionate and excited about what their future could look like but the reality was it wasn't viable.

"At that point in time, as professionals, we should have made it very clear this is not viable. It was poor advice."