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Remembering Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, dead at 65

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Editor-in-chief Andy Serwer, Sibile Marcellus, Jared Blikre, Julia La Roche, Scott Gamm, Brian Sozzi and Heidi Chung discuss today’s top stories. 

Today’s topics include:

  • Roger McNamee reflects on the death of Paul Allen
  • Jeff Bezos says Amazon will continue to work with Pentagon
  • Jeff Bezos: 1 trillion humans will be in the solar system one day
  • UK wages rise at fastest pace since financial crisis
  • More first-time buyers getting UK homes
  • Stock in Madame Tussaud’s parent company drops 7%
  • 3D-printing revolutionizing manufacturing, business
  • Banking giants wow with latest earnings reports
  • Morgan Stanley surges after big quarterly beat
  • Goldman Sachs delivers blowout quarter
  • Facebook moves to ban false info on voting ahead of midterms
  • Twilio buying SendGrid in $2B all-stock deal
  • Twitter CEO calls for ending ‘filter bubbles’ online
  • Ford unveils new SUV aimed at China’s middle class
  • Lyft unveils new $299/mo subscription plan