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Revolutionary Surgery Closure Device Evaluated at Alberta Health Services

TORONTO, February 06, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research shows that almost 1 in 5 open abdomen procedures in the US are left intentionally open for further treatment and later closed. However, a staggering 38% of these "fail to close". This results in additional visits to the operating room (OR) for sequential closure. The risks of infection, prolonged time on a ventilator, loss of domain, increased attendant time, increased OR time, and even mortality resulting from these additional visits add a costly burden to the healthcare system.

With support from OBIO® through its Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™), Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working with Ontario-based InventoRR MD to evaluate AbClo, InventoRR MD’s innovative flagship device for closing an open abdominal incision without surgery. By offering a non-invasive method of closing an incision at the patient’s bedside, AbClo improves patient safety and experience, while freeing up OR staff for other procedures.

AbClo works like a corset, supporting and stabilizing the abdominal wall to prevent damage and restore the equilibrium of the muscles in the torso. It can be applied in the ICU where it is sequentially tightened at the bedside so that the edges of the abdominal wall can meet in the middle for reattachment. While prescribed by a physician, it can be applied and monitored by other authorized healthcare providers, such as nurses.

InventoRR MD CEO Chris Bass notes, "AbClo was developed to improve patient outcomes and make the post-surgical process easier for medical teams. We appreciate the opportunity EAHN™ has given us to work with the AHS on this evaluation, and the potential to expand our footprint in Alberta."

"OBIO® is pleased to support this EAHN™ evaluation, the first with Alberta Health Services," said Dr. Maura Campbell, President and CEO of OBIO®. "The collaboration provides InventoRR MD with the real-world setting to test its technology and help encourage broader adoption of AbClo in Alberta, and ultimately across the Canadian healthcare system."

About Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is proud to be part of Canada’s first and largest provincewide, integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to more than 4.4 million people living in Alberta, as well as to some residents of Saskatchewan, B.C. and the Northwest Territories. AHS has more than 112,300 direct AHS employees (excluding Covenant Health and other contracted service providers) and more than 13,000 staff working in AHS’ wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Alberta Precision Laboratories, Carewest and CapitalCare Group. AHS is also supported by approximately 9,100 volunteers and more than 11,000 physicians practicing in Alberta, approximately 9,000 of whom are members of the AHS medical staff (including active, temporary and community appointments).

About InventoRR MD

InventoRR is a medical device company bringing market innovations built by the clinical teams and researchers who work day in and day out to save the lives of the patients they serve.

About OBIO®

The Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO®), a not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to advancing health technology innovation and commercialization, is prioritizing the evaluation of new technologies through their Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™) to provide solutions. OBIO® is engaged in strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of human health technologies, positioning Canada as a leader in the international marketplace. To learn more, visit:

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