Robin Arzón Shares Helpful Tips for a Successful Stroller Run — and Why Her Daughter 'Loves' It

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Robin Arzon x Baby Jogger Summit X3
Robin Arzon x Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger

Robin Arzón only rides with royalty — and that includes her baby girl Athena.

That's why the Peloton head instructor and vice president of fitness programming loves when she's able to conquer "double duty" and have her 17-month-daughter in tow when she goes out for a run, with help from Baby Jogger's Summit X3.

Arzón, who partnered with Baby Jogger to craft a limited-edition design of the stroller, tells PEOPLE she "loves knowing that I'm getting my workout in without having to sacrifice time with [Athena]."

"I'm all about a hustler's mindset and the efficiency of royalty," she says. "So if I can do double duty, it's [great]. Sometimes she'll nap in the jogger. She loves it."

Before she was "traversing curbs from the West Side Highway to the reservoir in central park," Arzón says she "didn't know what to expect" when it came to running with Athena.

Like many parents, Arzón admits she never used a jogger before welcoming her little one. Now that the ultra-marathoner has plenty of experience, she's sharing tips for new parents who are ready to take their jogging strollers out for a spin.

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With the added resistance of a child in the stroller as well as extra weight from other baby and running essentials, Arzón says parents will "want to adjust their pace."

"I wouldn't be too tied into splits or any kind of specificity of pacing as it relates to the workout. I think actually the best workouts to do with a jogger are speed workouts," she shares. "Or interval-based workouts, where you'll jog for a certain amount of time and then walk for a certain amount of time. Or run fast for a minute and then walk for a minute."

"With the resistance, you can definitely feel that you're exerting yourself more, even at that slightly slower pace," she adds.

The mom of one also says it's crucial to "pay attention to your alignment" when running with a jogging stroller.

Robin Arzon x Baby Jogger Summit X3
Robin Arzon x Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger

"You obviously have something that you're gripping that you normally wouldn't be gripping during a run. So you want to make sure that you keep neutral alignment as best as possible," she advises. "Ears over shoulder, shoulders over hips, and your core braced. And you want a grip on the jogger for the safety of the baby."

When getting essentials together for a run, Arzón reminds parents to pack lightly to avoid additional resistance. "I am used to leaving the house as light as possible. Even with Athena, it's like two diapers, some wipes, a snack and I've got my phone and keys. I try to keep it super, super simple," she says.

As for Athena, the Strong Mama author, whose follow-up picture book Strong Baby comes out in February, says she's "very used to the whole process" and gets excited by the outdoor runs.

"The faster I go now, she's interacting with me more," says Arzón. "So she'll kind of turn her head and giggle. So I know that she appreciates the faster speeds."

Besides joining her mom on her workouts, Athena has also taken a liking to another one of her mom's favorite activities: listening to Beyoncé!

"She's saying lots of words," Arzón says of her daughter's new milestone. "Recently listening to the new Beyoncé album, [Athena] said, 'Wow.' So I can confirm that she has a good taste in music."