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SATO is the first rental housing operator to have six sites accepted on the sustainable buying website


SATO Corporation
Press release 5 October 2022 at 11:15 am

A sustainability panel consisting of the best experts in sustainable production and consumption judged six of SATO’s rental buildings to be an above-average choice in terms of sustainability and included them among the most sustainable choices on the website.

An independent sustainability panel has ranked six of SATO’s rental buildings among the most sustainable choices presented on, a Finnish website providing guidance on sustainable consumer choices. The panel consists of seven independent experts in sustainable production and consumption. The sustainability panel assesses a more sustainable lifestyle and more responsible choices from the perspective of relative sustainability, meaning that the recognised product or service must be more sustainable than the alternatives available.

SATO’s buildings now on the Osta vastuullisesti list are Lupajantie 2 in the Mellunkylä district of Helsinki and Jokiniityntie 22 in Kirkkonummi, both completed in 2022. The sustainability seal of approval was also awarded to homes under construction and slated for completion in the coming year at the addresses Lincolninaukio 4 in the Keimola district of Vantaa, Kotkatie 6 in Espoo, and Jokiniementie 46 and 48 in the Veräjämäki district of Helsinki.

All of these are energy-efficient buildings of energy class A and all have geothermal heating. The design of the buildings caters for ease of use and maintenance as well as adaptability. All structural elements and technical systems can be serviced and replaced independent of each other.

“The design of new SATO rental homes is always informed by energy efficiency, sustainable building solutions to last for decades to come, and adaptability. Instead of the regular 50 years, the frames of SATO’s residential buildings are required to have a useful life of 100 years,” says Susanna Kari González, Sustainability Manager at SATO.

SATO enables sustainable housing for its residents and encourages them to make sustainable choices in their daily lives.

“We aim to be a forerunner in sustainable rental housing. This sustainability assessment gave us valuable insights that we can leverage in our further sustainability work,” Kari González continues.

More information about the sustainability assessment (in Finnish)

All products and services on the website are also vying for the title of Finland’s most sustainable product in a competition running from 23 September to 8 October.

For more information on sustainability at SATO please contact:

Susanna Kari González, Sustainability Manager,,
Phone: 0201 34 4194
Markku Honkasalo, CFO, phone 0201 34 4226


SATO Corporation is an expert in sustainable rental housing and one of Finland’s largest rental housing providers. SATO owns around 25,000 rental homes in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku.

SATO aims to provide an excellent customer experience and a comprehensive range of urban rental housing alternatives with good access to public transport and services. We promote sustainable development and work in open interaction with our stakeholders. SATO invests profitably, sustainably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our assets through investments, divestments and repairs.

In 2021, SATO Group’s net sales totalled EUR 298.3 million, operating profit EUR 304.5 million and profit before taxes EUR 259.4 million. The value of SATO’s investment properties is around EUR 5 billion.