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Sky TV to pay $124.5m special dividend

Sky Network Television will pay a $124.5 million special dividend to shareholders to share its tax credits with investors.

The Auckland-based company will make a special dividend of 32 cents per share with a record date on December 13 and payment on December 19, it said in a statement.

Last year Sky TV paid a special dividend of 25 cents per share.

The payment was being made after the company was left with $44m in tax credits having settled its tax bill of $16m on Wednesday, spokeswoman Kirsty Way told BusinessDesk.

The shares were unchanged at $5.07 on Wednesday, and have slipped 4.3 per cent this year.

Sky TV made a profit of $123.7m in the 12 months ended June 30, and paid a dividend of 22 cents in the 2012 financial year.