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Smokea Reveal Extensive Collection Of High-Quality Pipes And Accessories From Leading Brands

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OFallon, MO, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With over 20 years in the industry, Smokea aims to be the world’s best online headshop by offering a wide selection of cutting-edge alternative smoking products, world class customer service, fast and free shipping, customer rewards and guarantee the lowest prices.

Their team has spent their time within the industry building strong relationships with some of the biggest brands in the business like the popular GRAV and Empire Glassworks. This means that not only does Smokea have the pick of some of the most premium products on the market but also ensures that if they save money – you do too.

Smokea’s online store is specifically designed for smokers and has an array of quality products, so that you can smoke what you want – how you want. Their unbeatable inventory includes Smokea Chillums, one-hitters, dugouts, water pipes, and many more.

This is not all, Smokea provides fast and discreet shipping on all their orders to ensure that you don’t spend your spare time worrying and instead can just look forward to receiving your new product.

They also are one of the few online headshops that offer their loyal customer a premier rewards system where you get first access to all their latest deals and stock while building up points for rewards – such as a free pipe.

Visit the website at Smokea Best Online Headshop and check out their selection of high-quality smoking products and boost your smoking experience to the premium standard.

Quality You Can Trust

Smokea has been in the business since 1998 and was among one of the first smoke chains to adapt to the digital marketplace.

These years of experience has allowed them to become experts in their industry and to offer a large range of the finest quality products at unbeatable prices.


These are a type of hand pipe that is simple in design and very affordable.

It features a straight shot from the bowl to the mouthpiece, typically lack a carb and are perfect for those looking for a convenient portable piece that can easily fit into a pipe case, pocket, or purse.

Chillums are similar to one hitters but typically have a larger bowl and come in more artistic designs, so you can personalise your smoke session to show off your own unique style.

Water Pipes

If you’re looking for a smoother smoke, then Smokea Water Pipes are some of the best on the market.

Used for centuries in cultures all around the world, these pipes use water filtration systems to create a smoother smoking experience.

The water pipe can include a variety of different products, from bongs to bubblers depending on how much and what you’re smoking, and come in a range of different styles and designs from leading brands, such as GRAV and Eyce, among many others.


Are you looking for a hassle free way to smoke on the go?

Then choose Smokea Dugouts. These one-hitter plastic, acrylic, or wooden dugouts have two chambers, one larger to hold your precious material and the second smaller, spring-loaded chamber that holds your one hitter.

These clever products are compact enough to fit comfortably in your purse or pocket and are also discreet, so you can enjoy your smoke session anywhere.

One Hitters

Smokea One Hitters have become a staple for serious smokers because of their ease of use, low-cost price, and versatility as they can be crafted from a range of materials from glass to wood – making them truly customizable.

With one hitter product options like one hitter cigarette pipes and other discreet choices, you have the freedom to decide how much you’d like to smoke and where.

More information

To find out more about Smokea and to see their full product selection, please visit their website at