"This highstreet SPF is one of the best I’ve ever used, and it’s under £20"

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We now know daily SPF application is a must, but for someone often too pale for ‘shade one’ foundations, dowsing myself with SPF50 in the morning has been a part of my life for some time now. As such, I’ve gone through some bottles (read: hundreds of bottles) of the stuff. Every time I venture into a hot climate, I must pack enough SPF for at least a family of five, that’s how much I need to reapply.

I’ve experimented with a few different formulas in my time. Fluids, creams, sprays, makeup setting sprays, sticks, mists – I’ve thoroughly tried and tested all the SPFs the world has to offer. So, when L'Oréal Paris’ new Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C SPF 50+ Daily Anti-UV Fluid (£19.99) came across my desk, I was up for smushing it on my skin immediately.

I’ll tell you why, dear reader, I was so excited. First up, in a world of SPF30s, be an SPF50. It’s a step in the right direction to see brands heading straight to a higher factor 50 (the more UV protection, the better in my books).

But most of all, it has vitamin C in the formula. It might not sound revolutionary, but even though vitamin C thrives on morning skin (AKA, the same time you apply your SPF), I hadn’t come across a formula that had combined my two morning steps before. As a lazy girl, this is a huge win.

The two make for an antioxidant power couple; the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively of my skincare routine, if you will. But both have the rep for being overly greasy (SPF and vitamin C, not Ryan and Blake – just to get that straight).

I went in thinking I’d look like an oily chicken nugget by lunch, but instead, it felt uber lightweight on my skin, provided the perfect radiant glow, and then didn’t budge when I applied my makeup. That’s right people, there was no pilling in sight. I wanted to drown in the stuff.

l'oréal paris revitalift clinical vitamin c spf 50 review
It left my skin looking radiant and healthy, rather than oily and greasy Hearst Owned

Out of the many SPFs open on my bathroom shelf, this is the one I’ve reached for the most since it came into my life. Add to your basket while you can.


After weeks of usage, I can confirm it didn’t cause me to break out or cause a flare-up of dermatitis on my eyelids (both a regular occurrence for someone with sensitive skin like me when trying out a new SPF). The milky consistency not only soaks in at Formula 1-esque speed, but it also doesn't leave my skin feeling clammy or like it’s sweating underneath (anyone else know what I mean?).

It more than stands up against other formulas I have that are triple the price. In fact, it excels past them. So, now there’s really no excuse not to apply your SPF in the morning. You’re welcome.

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