New Zealand Markets close in 6 hrs 19 mins

Spotify goes public, Walmart considers another health care buy

Yahoo Finance’s Melody Hahm, Jared BlikreDion Rabouin and Dan Roberts discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s Topics

  • Spotify to go public today
  • GM to end monthly vehicle sales report
  • Report: Walmart considers buying PillPack
  • Markets set to rebound after yesterday’s selloff
  • Fox may sell or separate Sky News
  • Potential Trump-Putin meeting at the White House
  • Oklahoma teachers walk-out – Day 2
  • March Madness: Villanova beat Michigan 79-62
  • Apple developing microLEDs for AR wearable, Apple Watch: Digitimes
  • Facebook has been archiving your deleted videos
  • CBS to make below-market offer for Viacom: rpts
  • General Motors to drop monthly reports, move to quarterly sales reports
  • Apple plans to replace Intel chips in Macs with its own: Bloomberg